• 1. In The Language of Composition, read p. 1-21 for Thursday, 1/9. Quiz on Ethos, Logos, and Pathos.

    2. In The Language of Composition, read p. 81-94 for Tuesday, 1/14. Quiz on claims of Policy, Fact, and Value.

    3. In The Language of Composition, read p. 94-125 for Thursday, 1/16. Quiz on Induction, Deduction, and the elements of classical arrangement.

    4. In The Language of Composition, read MLK's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail," p. 280-295 for Tuesday, 1/21. Quiz

    5. In The Language of Composition, read p. 125-143 for Thursday, 1/23. Quiz on the six elements of the Toulmin Model.

    6. In The Language of Composition, read p. 404-410, and answer EITHER #2, p. 410 or #2, p. 411. Due Tuesday, 1/28. Submit answer to turnitin.

    7. Finish the Partner Political Cartoon assignment for Thursday, 1/30. Here are the directions: Partner Political Cartoon Assignment.

    8. Write a new entry in your Moleskine. Head and date it. Bring your Moleskine to class for sharing on Monday, 2/3.

    9. For Thursday, 2/6, in The Writer's Presence, read "The Trouble with Self-Esteem," p. 621-628, and "The Singer Solution to World Poverty," p. 615-621. Quiz.

    10 For Tuesday, 2/11, read Adam Gopnik's "Shootings" and Leslie Marmon Silko's "In the Combat Zone." Quiz. Shootings  Combat Zone

    11. For the quiz on Thursday, 2/13, know the definitions of the following fallacies and be able to point out basic examples of them:

    • Hasty Generalization
    • Faulty use of authority
    • Post Hoc or Doubtful Cause
    • False Analogy
    • Ad Hominem
    • False Dilemma
    • Slippery Slope
    • Begging the Question
    • Straw Man
    • Two Wrongs Make a Right
    • Non Sequitur
    • Ad Populum/Bandwagon
    • Appeal to Tradition
    • Red Herring

    Here is the Fallacy PowerPoint: Fallacies and Examples


Last Modified on February 12, 2020