• 1. In The Language of Composition, read p. 1-21 for Friday, 1/10. Quiz on Ethos, Logos, and Pathos.

    2. In The Language of Composition, read p. 81-94 for Wednesday, 1/15. Quiz on claims of policy, fact, and value.

    3. In The Language of Composition, read p. 94-125 for Friday, 1/17. Quiz on Induction, Deduction, and the elements of classical arrangement.

    4. In The Language of Composition, read MLK's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail," p. 280-295 for Wednesday, 1/22. Quiz

    5. In The Language of Composition, read p. 125-143 for Friday, 1/24. Quiz on the six elements of the Toulmin Model.

    6. In The Language of Composition, read p. 404-410, and answer EITHER #2, p. 410 or #2, p. 411. Due Wednesday, 1/29. Submit answer to turnitin.

    7. Finish the Partner Political Cartoon assignment for Friday, 1/31. Here are the directions: Partner Political Cartoon Assignment.

    8. Write a new entry in your Moleskine. Head and date it. Bring your Moleskine to class for sharing on Monday, 2/3.

    9. For Friday, 2/7, in The Writer's Presence, read "The Trouble with Self-Esteem," p. 621-628, and "The Singer Solution to World Poverty," p. 615-621. Quiz.

    10 For Wednesday, 2/12, read Adam Gopnik's "Shootings" and Leslie Marmon Silko's "In the Combat Zone." Quiz. Shootings  Combat Zone

    11. For the quiz on Thursday, 2/14, know the definitions of the following fallacies and be able to point out basic examples of them:

    • Hasty Generalization
    • Faulty use of authority
    • Post Hoc or Doubtful Cause
    • False Analogy
    • Ad Hominem
    • False Dilemma
    • Slippery Slope
    • Begging the Question
    • Straw Man
    • Two Wrongs Make a Right
    • Non Sequitur
    • Ad Populum/Bandwagon
    • Appeal to Tradition
    • Red Herring

    Here is the Fallacy PowerPoint: Fallacies and Examples

    12. Read the two following articles to gain background on the Universal Basic Income debate. Quiz on Friday, 2/28.

    The City That’s Giving People Money Randomly


    13. No homework for Monday, 3/2.

    14. For Wednesday, 3/4, read the following two articles on geoengineering. We will have a quiz.

    What Is Geoengineering and Why Should You Care?

    Why Solar Geoengineering May Be Our Only Hope To Reverse Global Warming


    15. English assignments for 3/13-3/30.


    1. Complete a minimum of 5 pages of Moleskine entries toward your 15 page semester requirement, dated and headed. Bring your Moleskines to class on Monday, March 30. I will check the entries at the beginning of the period. See the attached Spring Moleskine Assignment for requirements. Anyone who completes all 15 pages and turns in their Moleskine on March 30, will receive a 5 point bonus on their spring Moleskine grade, for example a 95 (A) will become a 100 (A+).



    1. Write the First Draft of your Oxford Debate Position Paper, due at the beginning of the period on March 30. This is a 4 to 6 page paper that follows MLA guidelines for citations and works cited. You will find links to MLA guidelines on my website. First Drafts that are not at least 4 pages long and that do not follow MLA guidelines will not be accepted. I have eliminated the research team and debate performance from the original assignment. You will only write the position paper. On March 30 we will peer edit the first drafts. Revised Drafts will be due April 1, and the Final Draft is due April 3. Your mission over the two weeks is to research, read, and study the debate subject in depth, and to write a position paper that demonstrates exactly where you stand on the debate motion and why. You may use your Moleskine to develop positions on the motion and to respond to articles on the motion. Your paper should be knowledgeable and persuasive.

    Position Paper

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