• Course Syllabus


    Rough Calendar and Due Dates:

    Wednesday 3/4:  Introduction to Unit- Political Parties- What are they and what are their function?

    Friday 3/6:  Voting Matters?  Gerrymandering, Voting and Electoral College

    Monday 3/9:  Campaign Finance, PACs and Citizens United

    Tuesday 3/10 Campaign Marketing- Selling a Candidate and a Message

    Wednesday 3/11:  Why President Trump’s Election Was Different- Video/Discussion and Essay Assignment

    Friday 3/13:  Unit Wrap-Up- Notebook Due and Introduction to the Legislative Branch and Mock Senate


    The assessment for this unit will be an essay on the election process and voting in America. 



    Useful Episodes of Crash Course Government Relating to Text Reading & Vocabulary


    Episodes on Voting & Elections #6 & #36, 37, 38, 39

    Episodes on Media & Politics: 33, 34, 44

    Episodes on Political Parties & Interest Groups: 40, 42, 43