Tam High Music Click-a-Thon 2020

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     Thank you for making Tam High Music's first click-a-thon fundrasier, such a success! Together you raised over $13,500 with over 136 donors participating. This money will be spent for music workshops, concert materials, guest artists, festival entries and more. Thank you to each and every one of you...
    Andrew Kim*Andrew Schwartz*Anita Grady*Ann Mason*
    Anna Vonk*Anna West*Anthony Leite*
    Arthur Beckert*ATM Marshall Photography*Barbara Marino*
    Bel Barnes*Beverly Coughlin*Cailtin Bain*Camden Hoch*
    Cari Christensen*Carne Octavio*Caroline Donohue*Caroline Petersen*
    Carson Buck*Cheryl Reiss*Tina Taylor*Christopher Cooper*
    Christy Schilling*Clara Hnderberger*Cynthis Samson*David Lawrence*
    Dawn Shaloup*Diana Janson*Drea Hindman*Dvera Hadden*
    Eileen Fisher*Elizabeth Bikle*Eric Edmondson*Erin Ally*
    Florence Richard*George Mandala*Gerald Dubowitz*Glenn Youngling*
    Gregory Everage*Gretchen Boyle*Heather Gordon*Helen Chang*
    Holiday Johnson*Holland Bender*Ingrid Tolson*Jaqueline De Lon*
    J-Amy Tarr*James Lrson*Jason Bender*Jeanette White*
    Jeffrey Brown*Jeffrey Fox*Jessica Downs*Jim Derich*
    Joan Tewksbury*Joe Mariniak*John Jordan*John Southern*
    Jose Figueirinhas*Josephine Rassella*Judy Safavi*Juliana Jensen*
    Julianne Edmondson*Julie Mirocha*Julie Thompson*Karen Jernstedt*
    Karen Olson*Karie Stern*Kathleen Yozie*Kathy Kuhn*
    Kathy Piombo*Katja Steineke*Kelly King*Kelly McLain-Treacy*
    Kevin Maher*Kimberly Eisenberg*Kimberly Carker*Kimberly Maynard*
    KM Stoft Bakhshandeh*Krista Kaplan*Laura Reid*Lauren Pollak*
    Len Gensburg*Lisa Barnes*Lorena Espino*Louise Armour*
    Lynda Sheridan*Lynda Willner*Mara Meisner*Marcus Bartram*
    Marion Mills*Maritza Rivera*Mark Crummey*Mark Picketts*
    Martha Parker*Mary Herr*Marylee George*Mastercard Weinswig*
    Megan Grogan*Micahel Peters*Morgan McCormick*Nancy Rumsey*
    Nancy Stelle*Nicolas DeBenedictis*Norman Shore*P L Malone Keane*
    Pat Hager*Patti Gasparini*Patty Ginnebaugh*Peter Jacobi*
    Pure Music*Rachel Ruffalo*Randi Lachter*Richard Moss*
    Robert Perkins*Russell Blackadar*Samantha Fazio*Sarah Butler*
    Sarah Lavezzo*Shannon Scutt*Shu C Wu*Sinead Amrose*
    Stephane Rata*Steve Jabar*Susan Garratt*Suzanne Bender-Van Spyk*
    Suzanne Gibson*Teresa McGuinness*Tiffany Kelley*Tina Borrone*
    Vivian Eisenberg*Wallace Tice*
    If you didn't get your pledge in during the click-a-thon campaign, don't worry! We welcome and accept contributions at any time.
    Thank you for clicking! 


     (Of course if you'd rather write and send a check, we'll accept that as well.  Please send to:
    THUMB, 700 Miller Ave, Mill Valley, CA  94941
    We'll look forward to seeing you at our concerts next year! 
    THUMB (Tam High United Music Boosters) is a non-profit, parent volunteer group whose primary objective is to encourage, promote and assist music activity at Tam High School. 
    THUMB is a subsidiary of the Tam High Foundation.  Our tax id number is 68-0385326.