• Español 3-4 (WEEK 19)

    Hola clase, here is your WEEKLY lesson plan. All assignments are worth points and due on Friday, May 29th at MIDNIGHT. If you have any questions, please email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 


    1. We will have our weekly check-in ONCE this week (on Tuesday/Wednesday - check your class period time in the table below) on Google Meet. In order to join us, you will need to login to Google Classroom with your school issued email, and then either click on the link for Google Meet at the top of the class page, or inside the Weekly Check-In information. I will not be admiting 'guests' to our meeting, so you must enter through Google Classroom to join us. If you have trouble joining, please email me and I can add you manually to our class session.  Also, please be on time to the meeting as, when we complete our discussion of the themes below, our meeting will end. 


    Our Google Meet Agenda:

    - Weekly updates and clarifications

    - Review of the past tense, indirect object pronouns (who is doing what to whom) and all R6 vocabulary through games and practice exercises


    ***In addition to the check-in for class at the scheduled times above, my office hours this week will be from 1:30 to 3:00 on Wednesday. If you need to meet with me during office hours, please send me an email earlier in the day and I will send you the information you need to access the Google Meet meeting. And of course, I am always available via email during school hours. 


    2. QUIZLET: Complete at least ONE activity inside the R6 vocabulary, ONE activity inside Who is doing what to whom, ONE activity inside Ser vs. Estar, and ONE activity inside past tense verbs


    3. Watch this Loom video on vocabulary from R6, and then complete this activity on Quia


    4. Take the R6 Practice Exam #2 (Week 19 - Green in color). If you need a review of grammar, see my LOOM videos on ser vs. estar, pretérito vs. imperfecto, and who is doing what to whom. 


    5. Read chapter 13, 14, and 15 (short) of our class novel. You can access either the PDF of the novel or the audio read-along PowerPoint (separate audio files are also there for those who don't have PowerPoint on their computers) by logging into Google Classroom with your school issued email. Then complete the chapter questions for chapters 13, 14, and 15 on Quia



    All Spanish 3-4 vocabulary can be found HERE

    All Spanish 3-4 grammar notes and slides can be found HERE

    LOOM videos on ser vs. estar, pretérito vs. imperfecto, and who is doing what to whom. 


    If you would like to spend more time on Spanish this week (optional but not obligatory):
    - Login to Rosetta Stone. You will need to go through this Power Point to understand how to use the program first. 
    -  Watch episodes of Extra en español
    -  Practice your past tense verbs on conjuguemos.com (#9 and #13)
    -  Listen to songs and complete activities on Señor Wooly. You will need to join as a NEW STUDENT. Join code:7S73M6
    -  Read children's stories in Spanish (subtitles available) with Duolingo YouTube videos
    -  Listen to audible books for free in Spanish
    -  Complete any activity on Enrichment Activities for Spanish Students
    -  Watch a Spanish-speaking series on Netflix, etc. Some ideas: The Time In-Between, El Gran Hotel, Jane the Virgin, and here is a whole list of other shows you might enjoy
    Gracias y hasta pronto.
    Ms. Lingrell