• Graduates & Families,

    Congratulations on the accomplishment of high school graduation! We are happy that you will be able to walk across the stage! We will not be able to do a graduation rehearsal, so it is imperative that you read this email and follow all directions. In order to pull this off, (with over 300 cars), we need you to know what to do. 

    This is a LONG email but ESSENTIAL that you READ and FOLLOW THESE DIRECTIONS!! Thank you!! 

    Here are the details:

    General Information:

    • Graduation will be on June 12 and start at 3:00 PM. 
    • With a drive through graduation, you may ONLY be on campus during your time slot. Each student will have a timeslot of when they are to enter the parking lot. Please be on time (and also not early)!
    • We will be streaming the event live on Marin channel 30. Depending on your timeslot, we recommend you watch from home and then come to campus during your slot (or vice-versa). If you choose to watch via a phone in your car, please do not park near campus. This will lock up the streets and we will not be able to flow traffic in and out of Drake. Traffic flow will be the most important part of ensuring that we can keep the graduation moving at a good pace.
    • There will be the Pomp and Circumstance parade of graduates at the beginning of graduation through a slide show with slides from each graduate. We need a slide from each of you. If you have not done so, please email your slide to Mary Chapman no later than June 5 at mchapman@tamdistrict.org. (see the previously sent senior email for more details)
    • At 6:00 PM, you hopefully will all be back at your houses (if you live close enough) watching the end of graduation. This is when you will turn your tassels. There will be a “community cheer” at 6:00 PM in your honor. Go outside and listen!
    • Catch the spirit! The towns are painting themselves in green to celebrate our graduates! Please join in and decorate your house!  Also, decorate your car for graduation! You are receiving car paint at the Pick-Up day June 1st!
    • If any student does not feel comfortable participating in the graduation due to Covid-19 or other, please let us know. We will do our best to make arrangements for the ceremony or to get you your diploma to you at a later date. If this is the case for you, please email Jolie Jacobs at jjacobs@tamdistrict.org 

    Safety & Social Distancing:

    • In order to host this graduation, we had to get approval from the County Health Department. These are the safety guidelines they provided to us. They are expected to be followed. Central Marin Police is partnering with us to ensure we have a safe graduation for all of our community.
    • Only immediate family members may be in the car with the graduate. A family member needs to drive the student through the ceremony, as the graduate will be getting out to walk across the stage.
    • Graduates must have a face mask on when coming to the stage for their diploma.
    • All family members in cars should wear a face mask if the windows are open.
    • No person may participate in graduation if they are sick (e.g., cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, fever).
    • Comply with law enforcement guidelines when driving. Driving safely and staying inside the car at all times is very important.
    • No spectators will be allowed on or near campus. This event is for the graduates and immediate family ONLY.
    • Cars must leave the area immediately after they get off campus. 

    Directions / Guidelines For Driving of the Cars:

    • We would like each graduate to be in a car. But, if you do not have access to one, we can make accommodations. If this is the case for you and your family, please contact Assistant Principal Chad Stuart at cstuart@tamdistrict.org.
    • We ask that the car be driven by someone other than the graduate. This is the only way we can get through this graduation quickly, while allowing students to still walk across the stage. 
    • Please refer to the map at the end of this message to view the driving route or by clicking HERE.
    • No convertible tops down or sitting in the back of a truck. No long vehicles (i.e., limos, long bed trucks, etc.) for they will not be able to make the sharp turns in the parking lot. 
    • Please do NOT honk your horn. We need to be able to hear the graduates names being announced. 
    • Please have your colored piece of paper (provided to you at the June 1 Senior Pick-up) with the students name displayed on the passenger side windshield. This is your ticket in the parking lot! 
    • You must enter the main lot at your particular time based on the color on your windshield. No car will be admitted prior to their timeslot. Please do not roam the area prior to your time, this will create traffic. Please time it to drive directly from your house, park around town if you need, then drive to campus at your timeslot. Enter the parking lot ONLY heading Eastbound from Fairfax (right turn into the lot).
    1. Pink = Adler - Cavener @ 2:50
    2. Yellow = Chambers - Franks @ 3:35
    3. Orange = Frisch - Jansen @ 4:00
    4. Mint = Jay - Neal @ 4:25
    5. Green = Nelson - Simon @ 4:50
    6. White = Skyvara - Zimmermann @ 5:10
    • Cars will serpentine through the lot as displayed in the map. Stop at the “drop off location.” The graduate will exit the car and head to the stage. The car will then pull forward. You can stop in front of the stage when your graduate is there to snap a picture from your car window. When your graduate leaves the stage, please immediately drive forward to the pick-up location. If cars stay in front of the stage too long, it will really back up the timing of graduation. 
    • After the graduate is in the car, drivers are to take a right turn down the path towards the main office. Drive the path through campus (in front of the main office and by the Devonshire creek bridge). Exit out the Saunders Parking lot. Please do NOT drive faster than 5 MPH through campus.
    • Please drive directly home after. Do not start to circle the area (it will create a log jam of cars and will cause graduation to not end on time).
    • Once in the parking lot, graduates and graduates only may stand up and out of a sun roof top or hang their heads out the window of the car.

    Directions For Graduates:

    • Please wear your cap and gown. You can decorate your cap, but please keep it appropriate. 
    • Make sure you have your index card with your name on it in your hand. This was provided to you in the packet handed out at the pickup on June 1. Please write your full name on it - first, middle and last (phonetically printed if you have a name that is difficult to pronounce). Remember to have this in your hand when you exit your car to head up to the stage. While it is not necessary to do so, if you have a difficult name to pronounce and you want us to practice it, please fill out THIS FORM with your name phonetically written out (you will still need a card with the phonetics for the day of graduation, but by filling out the form we can practice the name prior to). 
    • Your car will drop you off at the “drop off zone” located on the map below. Please make sure you are not the driver of the car. Make sure your mask is on when you are out of the car. Athletic Director Alex Chapman will be there to direct you to the stage area. 
    • After getting out of the car, walk to the stage area. There will be ground signs marking the mandatory 6 feet apart social distancing guidelines. Move forward in order.
    • When you walk up to the podium, hand your name card to either Chad Stuart or Nate Severin so they can read your name.
    • After your name is read, walk to Ms. Seabury for recognition and then to  the table and pick-up your diploma (no touching anyone on stage). 
    • After you walk off the stage you will head down the path in front of the gym and towards the main office. There will be a picture station on your way to stop for a quick picture. There will be a professional photographer there to take your picture. Pose with your diploma and exit after. If there is a person in front of you, please stand on the green X waiting zone. 
    • After the picture, quickly move forward down the path to the pickup area to meet your car. Mary Chapman will be at this location. Please immediately get in your car and leave the area so we can continue getting cars through.
    • Please move fast throughout. We need to keep the line moving!!!

    How to Watch Graduation:

    We would like to thank Marin TV for volunteering their time and resources so our graduation can be both viewed on TV and also streamed on the internet. We would also like to thank our former ComAcad teacher John MacLeod and Omid Shamsapour for taking the lead on this production. There are two ways to view:

    1. Comcast cable channel 30 on Marin TV Education Channel.
    2. Online streaming from Marin TV’s website: https://cmcm.tv/30

    We are looking forward to a terrific graduation. If you have any questions, please email Assistant Principal Chad Stuart at cstuart@tamdistrict.org.


    Liz Seabury - Chad Stuart - Nate Severin

    Principal  -  Assist. Principal - Assist. Principal


    Driving Route Map