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    On this page you will find the sequence of topics and lessons for each week.  They will be posted on Sundays and remain here through the end of the semester.


     Zoom Link for 4th Period US History


    Week 1: Introductions, Our Class and Why you will LOVE History by June :)

    Wednesday, August 19th (11:20-11:55)

    Welcome Slideshow

    HW: Please fill out THIS form.  This will help me best plan for your learning.


    Friday, August 21st (9:10-9:45)

    Success in (remote) US History

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            Read THIS article on mounuments for Monday's class.


    Week 2: 8/24-8/28 Reconstruction and Why it was Necessary

    Link to weekly plan is HERE.

    Monday Slideshow

    HW: Read Textbook pp. 103-107 about Reconstruction for Wed. class


    Wed. 8/26 Need for Reconstruction after Civil War

     Slideshow on the Civil War

     Handout for class discussion

    HW: Read this article and write a reflection in Google Classroom


    Friday 8/28 Early Gains of Reconstruction

    Constitutional Debates-Abolition, Citizenship, Voting

    Questions about the article 

    Computersheet for Class today

    HW: Finish Computer sheet and submit in Google Classroom


    Week 3: 8/31-9/4 How Reconstruction Went Wrong

    Link to weekly plan is HERE

    HW: Read ppp. 5 and 6 in your packet.  Prepare to discuss the Freedmen's bureau.

    Wednesday 9/2:Reconstruction Analysis

    QOD:Was 40 Acres and Mule an appropriate subsidy?

    Discussion of Lapore's take on Freedman's Bureaus

    Reconstruction Video Notesheet

    Breakout Rooms: Analysis

    HW: Complete analysis of failure of Reconstruction and submit in Google Classroom


    Friday 9/3: Introduction of the Final Assessment

    QOD: What would it have looked like if Reconstruction had not failed?

    Discussion: Whose perspectives do we not know?

    Examine accounts in textbooks

    Final assessment explanation

    HW: Document analysis-identify the short and/or long term effects evident in your source.

    Week 4: 9/7-9/11 The Legacy of (Failed) Reconstruction

    Monday: Labor Day! [The holiday dates back to 1882 and was established to celebrate working Americans.]


    Wednesday 9/9: Making Inferences from Documents

    QOD: Whose perspective was represented in your document? (identify a group)

    We will go over the rubric and the rest of the assignment for your document analysis

    You will work with your group.  Each of you should be responsible for one slide, but you decide together what point you are making and sequence the information.  Slides are in Google Classroom.

    HW: Gather background information to connect to the ideas in your document

           Identify quotes to use to demonstrate the validity of your interpretation


    Friday 9/11: Collaborating to Make a Clear Presentation

    QOD: How does Plessy v. Ferguson represent a long term effect of the failure of Reconstruction?

    Connecting the presentation to the rubric

    Work with partners in Breakout Rooms (35 minutes)

    HW: polish presentation; upload slides


    Week 5: Impacts of Reconstruction and Westward Expansion


    Monday 9/14:This Week and Presentations

    This Week

    How will you engage with your classmates' conclusions?

    Presentations 1-4

    HW: None


    Wednesday 9/16: Presentations then Westward Expansion

    Presentations 5-10

    Debrief: Which long-term impact has been most addressed?

    Could the government push you to move westward?

    HW: Read Pp. 116-124 in text; How did the US government continue racist policies despite having passed the 14th Amendment by 1868?


    Friday 9/18: Objectives and Strategies of settlement.

    Why were Americans willing to risk loss and struggle to move westward?

    Homestead Act

    Dawes Act

    Breakout Rooms: pp.125-139

    Debrief: Individualism of westward expansion

    What were national gains from Westward Expansion?

    HW: Learn about government role in Westward Expansion (Reading from packet pgs 14 and 15)

    In-class written checkpoint on Monday.


    Week 6: Westward Expansion and American Exceptionalism

    Monday 9/21:How does the Westward Expansion Build on Core American values?

    You will consider the QOD in light of specific values

    We will then read excerpts from Jackson's Frontier Thesis

    Finally, you will do an open-note free-write in response to one of two questions to show your knowledge of the influence of the US government on westward expansion.

    HW: Read this article (begin on page 5, US Westward Expansion) and prepare to discuss what is meant by "disagreement over westward expansion".


    Wednesday 9/23: Perspectives

    QOD: Why was the American west the land of opportunity?

    Webquest  We will do two sets of activites to provide context for the people who moved west. (Maps & Videos associated with the migration then the destination-San Francisco)

    You will then look into one of the following perspectives and develop an understanding of how the West embodied opportunity for many of these groups (Homework).  After you decide your role (be sure all the roles are taken by at least one person) in Breakout Rooms, enter your role in Google Classroom.  This is where your rubric will be for your performance in the seminar.

    Native Americans




    HW: Prepare your assigned perspective to engage in a roundtable discussion on Friday.  You will need your notes printed out to use during the discussion. (Instructions are HERE.)


    Friday 9/25:Discussion of Opportunity and Ideals

    In virtual rountable discussions, you and others with similar motivations will talk about your experiences.

    Your goal is to engage in a discussion that shows the similarities and differences among the expereinces for various groups of people who moved west and the impact on American ideals.

    HW: None



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