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    To see the SA presentation from the College Night at San Andreas, click here.


    Spring Semester Junior Year

    • Attend class and do your best in all classes!  

    • See your teacher for help if you are not doing as well as you would like.

    • Register for the SATs and/or ACTs if applying to a school that requires testing. No test is required for community college, the University of CA and the CA state University system.

    • Attend local college fairs such as the WACAC (Western Association of College Admission Counselors), which is held at Dominican University of California in April. 

    • Take a virtual tour of a college on the web. 

    • Start thinking about colleges, majors, and career interests using Naviance.

    • Complete the NCAA form at the end of the spring semester if you plan to play college sports.

    • Make sure you are on track for graduation. 

    ACT SAT Testing Calendar

    Optional Junior Summer Activities

    • Visit 3-5 colleges.

    • Provide community service in an area in which you are interested.

    • Take a class at the College of Marin

    • To complete an internship contact Greg Davison at 415-458-3484 or gdavison@tamdistrict.org

    • Work a summer job.

    • Create a resume for jobs, internships, athletics, awards, etc. using Naviance.


    When you move on to Senior Year: 

    • Do more than the minimum class/college requirements.

    • Be sure about classes you list on college applications for senior year, as it is VERY hard to switch classes once the semester has started. Four-year colleges must be notified of any schedule changes after the application is submitted. This does not apply to community colleges.

    • Meet with the College and Career Specialist to discuss and research colleges, look for scholarships and talk about your college choices/career goals.

    • Start working on college applications early. 

    • Take a virtual tour of a college.

    • CSU applications can be submitted as early as October 1st.

    • FAFSA for financial aid will be delayed this year and will go online the first week of December FAFSA

    • UC and California State University deadline = November 30th.

    • Make sure you are on track for graduation.

    • If attending community college, complete application and orientation by late February. Explore the career education options available.

    • FAFSA deadline for CA public schools is March 2nd.  Check other schools’ deadlines.

    • Inform your counselor early about your college plans.

      Please see the College Planning Guide for step-by-step information!


     For help:

    Julie Gannon, College & Career Specialist     

    415-945-3779 jgannon@tamdistrict.org


    Katie Phelps, Counselor               

    415-945-3790  kphelps@tamdistrict.org