• September 2020

    Souder’s Senior Update #2

    We’re in the thick of it now, Seniors!  

    Senior Meetings will get underway TOMORROW!  Check out Molly Yasuda’s presentation here: 



    and join me for a  zoom Q&A session:

    Tuesday, 9/1 at 1:20 pm:  https://zoom.us/j/99098012829

    Wednesday, 9/2 at 10:10 am: https://zoom.us/j/94496573892  


    SAT/ACT Testing - Advice to Calm Your Nerves

    Tulane Admissions shared this viewpoint:

    “Next time you get an email from ACT or College Board, scroll to the bottom of the email to that tiny button and hit UNSUBSCRIBE.  Unsubscribe from ACT and College Board and then never worry ever again.  We will give every single student the same shot at being admitted.  We want the admit rate for students without tests to be the exact same as those with tests.

    “If you took the test and you are in the top 20-25%, go ahead and send it.

    “If I see students take the test 2 times in the middle of a global pandemic, it will be a turn off for me. I will wonder why they are doing that and putting their health and the health of others at risk.

    NOBODY should be driving multiple hours, or getting on an airplane to take a test.”

    Know that the counselors and Lisa Neumaier will be hosting college application workshops (virtually, of course) during the support periods and during 7th period (when many of you have a free period) starting in October. See you then.

    Sheila Souder

    “College isn’t the Destination.

         It is a Stepping Stone.”

                Danielle Bianchi Golod


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