• September 2020

    Souder’s Senior Update #3 - Still September


    They are listed on Naviance, they are on Zoom (links listed on Naviance), and I want each of you to attend at least 7-10.  The more informed you are, the better decisions you will make.  If you have NO IDEA where you want to go, all the more reason to attend these.  If you want to meet with an admissions representative who is not on the Naviance list, go directly to that college website and sign up for a virtual visit. 


    Important: The name of our high school for college application purposes remains “Sir Francis Drake High School.”   Please know that you must continue to use this name until our name change process is finalized and accepted by the TUHSD Board. 


    If you have requested a letter of recommendation from me, I am going to run your transcript and email it to you sometime within the next few weeks.  Please review it for accuracy (both grades and current courses enrolled in) and REPLY to my email and confirm that it is all good.  This will be the transcript that I upload for your Common Application or Coalition.  If you are anxious to see your transcript now, email me and I’ll send it along.

    Interesting UC Updates

    • For UC’s, please check each UC’s website for specific information and opportunities to meet with admissions representatives and get more information
    • None of the UC’s will be using SAT/ACT scores for admissions decisions
    • UC Berkeley will NOT use SAT/ACT scores for any admissions decisions  
    • UC Davis may consider test scores as it relates to placement or meeting ‘a-g’ requirements
    • UC Irvine will not use SAT/ACT for admissions decisions or scholarships
    • Since each UC is handling course placement differently, you need to educate yourself about their use of scores 
    • UC Santa Barbara says this:
      • Key factors are academic accomplishments - motivation and promise, initiative, curiosity, creativity, work ethic, resiliency
      • Social involvement, community engagement, citizenship, concern for family, school, hometown, civic engagement
      • Not expecting huge lists of activities given COVID
    • UCLA does NOT recommend any subject tests anymore
    • UCLA says test scores will not be required for any of their scholarships
    • This is the time to leverage your personal insight questions
    • All UC’s are providing workshops on how to complete the application, how to write the PIQs, and how to apply for financial aid.  Take advantage of these workshops 

    I know I’m sending a lot of info your way, so if you missed the last two updates, they are all posted on my website:

    Senior Update #1 August

    Senior Update #2 September

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