• October 2020

    Souder’s Senior Update #4

    College Admissions Visits are  underway! Register on Naviance and attend a bunch of them.


    All students need to be aware that there are many options available to support their college application process, as well as aids, grants and scholarships to help finance their college degree.  

    • Grants and scholarships are FREE MONEY that you NEVER have to pay back! 
    • Loans have to be paid back
    • You can qualify for grants and scholarships based on several factors: family income, course of future study, academic performance, etc.
    • Fee waivers mean that you do NOT have to pay the application fee when applying to college.  These could save you a lot of money 
    • If you are eligible and want to apply to a 4 year university, but do not think that you can afford to apply or pay the tuition, please let me or Lisa Neumaier know ASAP.  There are options out there and Lisa is a pro at helping with this!!!



    • WUE is an agreement among 16 member states (including Arizona, Washington and Oregon)
    • 160+ participating public colleges and universities provide big nonresident tuition savings
    • Through WUE, eligible students can choose from hundreds of undergraduate programs outside their home state, and pay no more than 150 percent of that institution’s resident tuition rate
    • This is a great way to minimize student debt


    • A fantastic opportunity for you to connect personally with admissions representatives and share information, ask questions and get to know more about the college
    • Many of you will shine in interviews, so take advantage of this opportunity
    • Write a few of your accomplishments down to highlight during the interview
    • Have a couple of good questions (about the programs and opportunities for involvement, not about the weather or food)


    • Please ignore the footnote that tells you to invite your recommenders in Naviance; we do NOT use that feature.  
    • Only invite your recommenders in the Common Application portal. 
    • When you invite me as your Counselor, I get linked to every school on the Common App. 
    • When you invite teachers, you still need to go to each college and ‘assign’ them to upload their letters. 


    If you plan to start your college career at the Community College:

    • Focus on school right now and don’t worry much yet about the application process
    • If you plan on going somewhere other than COM or Santa Rosa, start researching locations and housing options
    • Lisa Neumaier sends emails about the process, as we work directly with COM to get you all registered


    • The UC application is due on 11/30 and CSU on 12/4
    • Remember, these schools will not accept letters of recommendation
    • The CSU application opens on October 1st


    Let me know if you have questions or need to brainstorm.  I am happy to help with this process too!

    I know I’m sending a lot of info your way, so if you missed the last three updates, they are all posted on my website:

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    Senior Update #3 Still September

    Sheila Souder

    The old rules are crumbling and nobody knows what the new rules are.

         So make up your own rules.”  ~ Neil Gaiman

    “Your life is your story, and the adventure ahead of you is the journey

         to fulfill your own purpose and potential.”   ~ Kerry Washington


    Posted/updated 9/23/2020 by Sheila Souder.