• Transcript Requests


  • Current Redwood High School students: 

    For Official Transcripts, email 


    For an Unofficial Transcript, you can view and print from your Synergy account: Click on Course History and at the top of the page there is a button for Unofficial Transcript.

    Requesting Transcripts for College Applications:

    California State Universities (CSUs) and University of California (UCs) do not require a transcript to be submitted with the application. Students list their courses and grades in the application.  If a CSU or UC campus requests a transcript, the university will notify the student by email or through the student's web portal. Most students will not be asked to submit a transcript.

    Common App and Coalition applications request that a transcript be submitted. 

    We do not use Naviance or Parchment to send transcripts to colleges.

    Other Schools - Students MUST check the schools' website to see if a transcript is requested.

  • Senior Students

    Redwood High School has partnered with Parchment for students to order and send official transcripts. This is only for our class of 2023 - Seniors. Please click on this: Parchment Transcript Order link to order transcripts. This link will open a new browser.

    Common App Schools:   Add your counselor as your recommender to your CommonApp. Your transcript will be electronically uploaded to the Common App portal.  Mid-Year Transcripts - will automatically be submitted to the Common App in mid to late January when the official transcript has been updated with fall courses and grades.  

    Non-Common App Schools:  As we are currently facing many challenges during this Covid-19 Pandemic, there are Colleges that have been flexible with how the transcript is received. It is suggested that you contact the college to verify if they will accept an e-mailed version of your transcript from Redwood.  Please note, we do not use any third-party transcript service, such Parchment, Scripts, etc., to send transcripts. Mid-Year Transcripts - the student should request a transcript, either through the college's electronic system that they used for the initial transcript, or a paper transcript by following the instructions below.  Please note that Mid-Year Transcripts are ready in mid to late January when the official transcript has been updated with fall courses and grades.  

    If the college requires an official transcript through US mail please email dfernandez@tamdistrict.org with the following information:

    • Student Name
    • Name of college/university
    • Address of college/university - provide a complete mailing address

    UC and CSU campuses do not require a transcript to be sent during the application process.

  • Alumni & Past Redwood Students

    You can order transcripts by emailing dfernandez@tamdistrict.org.  Please provide the following information in your email:

    • Full name as attended
    • Date of birth
    • Year of graduation

    Education Verification:  

    Fax request with applicant’s release to (415) 945-3625