• December  2020

    Souder’s Senior Update #6


    This has been one strange and challenging semester. However, I have been so impressed with the performance of the many seniors who have managed to maintain focus, enjoy school despite the intensity of zooming while missing their friends, and complete the planning they need for next year (college applications, gap year exploration, job searches, etc.).  Please keep me posted if you have any concerns or questions I can help you with. 


    By now, most of your recommenders have written and uploaded glowing letters on your behalf.  Now is the time (if you have not already done so) to thank them for their time and efforts.  The most appreciated way to do this is by handwriting a card (this can be handmade even) and dropping it into a good old-fashioned mailbox. Letters to recommenders from school can be sent to them at:

    Teacher Name

    Drake/HS 1327

    1327 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard

    San Anselmo  CA  94960

    Recommenders from outside school? You will need to find their contact information. The reason I suggest handwritten cards is because we love these and we set them out on our desks to remind us of our relationship with you and how happy we were to be able to write a letter in support of your college admissions. 

    All of the updates are posted on my website in case you missed anything:

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    Sheila Souder

    “The future comes from where we are now.

         It materializes from the actions, values, and beliefs we’re practicing now.

            We’re creating the future everyday, by what we choose to do.”

                ~ margaret j. wheatley 


    Posted 12.08.2020 by Sheila Souder