January 2021


    This has been a strange time for the counselor/student relationship. Without this global pandemic,  we would have met several times in person to make a personal connection.  You would have told me about yourself and your goals and ambitions, you may have shared stories about what you love to do in life and what you have an aptitude for. COVID has thrown a monkey wrench into all of that!

    With that in mind, we are entering an important time in your high school planning.  Spring of Sophomore year is when we map out the last two years of high school.  Your choices open up and there are so many options to consider.  I help you with questions about Academies, AP classes, interesting electives, College of Marin courses, and any other questions that may arise.

    In order to HELP ME HELP YOU, I am attaching a Google Doc that I would like you (and your parent/guardian) to complete and return to me. It will provide me with some insight into your interests, skills and goals so that I can best support you as we move forward.  

    I am really hoping that we will meet in person, but that is not in the cards at the moment.  For now, I hope you will take 30-45 minutes to fill out this document and email it back to me sometime in the next two weeks.  Please mark your calendar now for January 27th during Tutorial, which is our Sophomore Conference Webinar, where we kick off the whole process of junior & senior year planning. 

    There are a few things coming up that will help you figure out all of your options.  They are:


    • Academy visits – tutorial Jan 20 & 22
    • Course workshops – look for info in CREW announcements as those should take place around the same time
    • Sophomore Webinar with Counselors – Tutorial on Jan 27 (link to be sent in another email)

    Please click here and complete this FORM sometime in the next two weeks: 


    Looking forward to seeing you all at the Webinar on Wednesday, January 27th!


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