• Dear Frosh Students & Families: 

    It is time to select courses for Sophomore Year – how exciting!  First thing to do, please view this video:




    2021-22 Frosh Sched Zoom

    It gives you information on graduation requirements, four year college eligibility, and how to select courses for next year.  The Slide Deck without video is also linked below, and includes directions on how to input courses, as well as several Frequently Asked Questions.

    The window to select courses will be January 22nd through February 5th.  There is no priority given to students who complete the requests early, so take your time, discuss your ideas with your family and counselor, and mark your calendar to have this complete prior to February 5th.


    Frosh Schedule Slide Deck for 2021-22 Courses

    The Course Guide, provides course descriptions of each class offered on campus as well as graduation and college eligibility requirements.

    Home Access; Course selection will take place through the "Request" link on the Student’s Login.

    Here are all course offerings and step by step instructions for navigating Home Access Center to select courses. 

    You may have questions about the variety of math or science possibilities and you can access that information here:

    Your Counselor is more than happy to help with any questions that are not answered in the video or slide deck.  Our contact information is listed below and we look forward to helping you and getting to know you.  Please put your name and grade level in all emails to your counselor, thanks.


    Molly Baker                      mbaker@tamdistrict.org

    Kyle Kassebaum              kkassebaum@tamdistrict.org

    Sheila Souder                   ssouder@tamdistrict.org

    Molly Yasuda                   myasuda@tamdistrict.org


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