January 27, 2021

    Thank you for joining us at the Webinar on Wednesday. It was great to have so many students present; thank you for the many good questions. Below is a bunch of information that will help you through the process.  Counselors are happy to help you as well and our links to set up appointments are listed for you at the bottom of this document. 

    Links to share:

    • Video of the webinar - Click here for a replay of the sophomore scheduling webinar for video instructions on how to schedule and advice on course selection.
    • Course Video link - review the courses that interest you and get detailed info on expectations.  Contact the teachers with questions.  There is a link on the home page of our school website
    • Q&A from webinar  These are great questions so check it out!
    • Google form for academies - you need to complete this ONLY if you want to be in an Academy
    • Sophomore Handout - this will show you graduation and UC/CSU requirements. There is also a place to put in both your junior and senior year course ideas so that you can plan to balance out your courses from now through graduation
    • AP/Honors matrix - all the information you need to make decisions with contact information for teachers if you have questions
    • Greg Davison, School to Career, Internships - gdavison@tamdistrict.org There is a really cool Virtual Job Shadow series starting on February 22, so reach out before then for info
    • Lisa Neumaier, College & Career Specialist - help with work permits, PSAT, SAT/ACT information and advice - lneumaier@tamdistrict.org 
    • Schedule page of counseling website - course offerings, directions to schedule, Course Guide link, etc. 
    • UC a-g link - list of all HS 1327 college prep courses for the UC/CSU systems


    Last updated by Sheila Souder on 02.04.2021