• JUNIOR UPDATE #4: 02.01.2021


    The Counseling team encourages you to consider designing each year of your high school life to be joyful and interesting. Take courses that pique your curiosity and fuel your creative energy; don’t take classes because you think you have to or because your friends are. Participate in extracurricular activities that make you smile and fill you with joy.

    Counselors strive to support you to make effective decisions about how to schedule your time, which we hope will be well-balanced.  The teen years incorporate many competing demands:

    • Challenging academics
    • Clubs, Athletics
    • Creative exploration (arts, reading)  
    • Family life/social life
    • Sleep
    • Paid work/community service

    Instead of thinking about how much you can take on, consider which ingredients will make for a balanced and joyful life experience.

    In their book Overloaded and Underprepared, Pope, Brown & Miles outline several strategies to alleviate the harried nature of student lives, and support a healthier and saner adolescence.  Some of these include:

    • Fewer AP classes 
    • Lower stakes testing
    • No homework over extended breaks
    • More sleep

    AP courses take a huge commitment of time and energy. For many students, the perfect number of AP courses to take is zeroFor others, one AP course in an area of strong interest or aptitude is just rightFor those who want intense challenge, a maximum of two college courses in any given year will provide for a demanding and rigorous experience, while leaving room for athletic or performing art pursuits.  Limiting the number of AP courses to no more than two will also leave time for relaxation, socializing, spending time with family, and getting enough sleep to feel energized every day you attend school.

    While the course selections are clearly a student and family decision, we suggest that you review some of the following information with your parents/guardians as you plan out next year’s courses:

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