Organizational Tools:

    • Sample spreadsheet to help you keep track of your college applications and deadlines

    Some advice from past Seniors and Graduates:

    • The NUMBER ONE piece of advice is to START EARLY!!! 
    • Start your college essays/personal statements early and continue to work on them over the summer – at least one or two drafts.  You will begin these at the spring Junior Workshops
    • Stay organized – have ONE place where you keep your important dates, deadlines, and passwords (i.e., worksheet, folder, cloud)
    • Apply to a diverse group of schools and make sure you have a financial safety school on your list
    • Visit colleges – the breaks are an ideal time (do as many virtual visits as possible and set up 1:1 Zoom meetings with admissions reps)
    • Contact former HS1327 students who attend the colleges that interest you (email Ms Neumaier for names of students who may be attending the colleges you are interested in)
    • Discuss finances with your parents.  Ms Souder has some Financial Resource Information on her website
    • Read your emails frequently 
    • Consider keeping your list of schools personal and private (share only with family).  Ask your family to do the same  
    • Set up your weekly appointment with your parents to discuss your college search process and any support you need 
    • Choose colleges that  pique your curiosity and fit your criteria, not your friend’s criteria
    • Try NOT to compare yourself to others.  Remember that you are unique because there is only one you! This is your journey.

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