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    Please see the College Planning Guide for step-by-step information!


     Some helpful sites:

    How to Choose a College

    How to Research a College Without Visiting

    The College Application Hub (This site has info on just about ever)

    The College Essay GuThe College Essay Guy


    • Take a minimum of 5 core/college prep classes ALL year if possible.

    • Do more than the minimum class/college requirements.

    • Be sure about classes for the senior year as it is VERY hard to switch classes once the semester has started and colleges must be notified of any schedule changes after the application is submitted.

    • Meet with the College and Career Specialist to discuss and research colleges, look for scholarships and talk about your college choices/career goals.

    • Start working on college applications early – better not to cram, draft a spreadsheet by September.

    • Start your UC/private college essays as early as you can.

    • Start working on UC and Common Applications in August

    • Attend Senior Night and be aware of early deadlines for financial support.

    • Complete the Letter of Recommendation (LOR) packet for your counselor, remember that your counselor needs 20 working days to write your recommendation and has deadlines!

    • Have your college list drafted by September. It will be easier to submit your LOR.

    • Take a virtual tour of a college.

    • Take one more SAT and/or ACT tests in the fall if needed. Fall exam dates should be backup dates only, not the first time you take your exams.

    • CSU applications can be submitted as early as October 1st.

    • FAFSA for financial aid goes online on October 1. FAFSA

    • UC and CSU deadline = November 30th

    • Continue to take college tours and attend college meetings.

    • Make sure you are on track for graduation.

    • If attending community college, complete application and orientation by late February.

    • FAFSA deadline for CA public schools is March 2nd.  Check other schools’ deadlines.

    • Inform your counselor early about your college plans.


    Please see the home page for specific web pages on testing, letters of recommendation, and important websites.