• Need help? Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:


    Q: How can my student meet with their counselor?

    A: Students can stop by the counseling office in Room 215 to meet with their counselor before school, during a break, lunch or after school. If their counselor is not available, they can fill out a green slip to put in their counselor's box. The counselor will then call the student out of class to meet with them. Students can also email their counselors with questions or email to schedule a meeting.


    Q: My student is having trouble in a class. Who can I talk to about this?

    A: The first step is to talk to your student. Start by asking them a few questions:

    • Does your student know how to access the course and their grades on Canvas?
    • Has your student submitted all homework and classwork?
    • Is your student having trouble staying organized?
    • Is your student attending class regularly?
    • Is your student going to Tutorial with this teacher? This is usually the best way for students to get help in a class.

    The next step is for the student to reach out to the teacher. In-person is best. Some students may want to email the teacher first to coordinate a time to meet.

    Once the teacher and the student have communicated, if the parent would like to reach out for more information or clarification, please feel free to email the teacher.

    If after a phone or email communication with the teacher, the issue is not resolved, it may be necessary to request a parent, student, teacher conference.


    Q: My student is struggling with a personal or social issue. Who can they talk to? 

    A: School counselors are great resources for students!  Counselors provide a confidential setting for students to discuss academic concerns, social/emotional concerns or college and career planning. Your student can drop by the counseling office before school, during a break or after school to meet with their counselor. They can also schedule an appointment by sending them an email. Counselors can also refer students to our Wellness Center if the student would like to meet with an adult on a regular basis.


    Q: My student is shy and won’t contact their counselor on their own. Can I just email you?

    A: We really want to get to know your students, and we believe that self-advocacy is a crucial skill to learn in high school. Although your student may not have much experience approaching adults in the past, please encourage them to stop by our offices. We promise we don't bite! Even if it's just for a small question, it will help them feel more comfortable approaching us, and will help us get to know them. It's all part of building a relationship. So please encourage them to come see us. We prioritize students in our office over emails, so questions will be answered even sooner in-person.




Last Modified on August 6, 2021