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    SEJA: Social and Environmental Justice and Action

    An English and Social Studies option in the 11th and 12th Grade

    The SEJA program provides students an opportunity for in-depth exploration of social and environmental issues. While students are exploring the challenges, perspectives and experiences of diverse communities, they will also learn about the historical and current challenges and plan actions to address social and environmental justice.

    • SEJA is a learning community, following the model of the CORE program where an English and social studies teacher collaborate around curriculum, instruction, and support for students.
    • There are no GPA, interview, testing, or application requirements for SEJA. If a student indicates interest while scheduling, they will be entered into a lottery.  Consideration will be given to enrolling a community of students who represent diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.
    • Students have the option of taking 1 or 2 years of SEJA courses
    • Scheduling Note: Rising Juniors select SEJA AP Language and Composition and SEJA US History when scheduling. Rising seniors select SEJA Essay Exposition/Oral Rhetoric and SEJA government/economics when scheduling

    SEJA Courses, Teachers:

    11th Grade: AP Language and Composition (Mike Levinson) and U.S. History (Jon Hartquist)

    12th Grade: Essay Exposition (Ms. Springer) and Government/Economics (Mr. LemMon)

    SEJA Scheduling Slide Show for Students