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Facilities Master Plan approved 4/26/2022

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    TUHSD staff gathered feedback from the community for the Draft Facilities Master Plan (FMP) at three webinars during the Spring Semester 2022.


    The video of the presentation for the draft FMP from the April 12 Board meeting can be viewed here starting at minute 14:53.


    The development of the Facilities Master Plan included feedback to ensure Tam District students, staff and community groups have access to safe, clean and green classrooms, labs and other school facilities. This plan identifies facility needs that exist at each of our schools, prioritizes improvements based on their urgency and importance, and is the first step in developing a plan for completing the upgrades. 

    Through our initial facilities assessment, the District has identified required and important infrastructure improvements at all of our campuses, which is not unexpected, given the age of most of our facilities.  Our vision is to optimize our existing facilities resources in support of our educational programs and student services, and not to expand our facilities given our declining enrollment for the next decade.  


    Dr. Tara Taupier, Superintendent