• Food on Campus During School Hours - Request Process

    Competitive foods (and beverages) are those that are sold to students on school campus during the school day, and outside of the federally reimbursable meal programs. Examples may be foods or beverages sold in vending machines (that are not reimbursable meals), student stores, fundraisers, or á la carte items sold by the school food service department. TUHSD further includes foods offered to students that are not "sold".


    • Staff members completes the TUHSD request form for food on campus to obtain District approval for food events during school hours.  Please submit the Google Form request 14 days prior to the event and attach the vendor's required documents within the Google form.   
    • Food must be provided by a vendor licensed by Marin county environmental health services.
    • Vendors must provide proof of liability insurance and health permit to operate.
    • Vendors and their site contact must work with Human Resources to determine and complete the necessary clearance requirements. Standard clearances include a: Fingerprint Affidavit and TB Assessment. Clearances, if required, must be completed before vendors are allowed on campus with students. HR contact: lnoblechristoff@tamdistrict.org (Tuberculosis: Ed Code sections 49406 & 87408.6/Health and Safety Code 1597.055 and 121525-121555.; Fingerprinting: AB130 and Ed Code 44237)
    • All beverages must be caffeine free.  Food selections cannot be deep fat fried.  Whole grains, fruit and/or vegetables must be offered as one or more of the choices. 
    • Requests for approval will be reviewed by the District and a response will be provided within 7 days.
    • Check for approval or denial of request at this link Request Results  (listed in last column)


    Healthy Snack Ideas

    Healthy Food Ideas

    Research policy listed below when planning events.


    Policy Resources:

    TUHSD Board Policy & Administrative Regulation

    Use the link below and search “food”  to find related Board Policy 


    ASB event regulations by FCMAT



    State of California Regulations




    This institution is an equal opportunity provider.