Fall 2008

    Francie Salle


    945-3600 ext. 4455


    Welcome to economics, and the first semester of your last year of high school! Ever wonder why gas is so expensive? Why most toys are made in China? Why interest rates go up and down? This semester we will tackle these and many other questions. The answers are more complicated than you might think…


    Course content

    We will cover four main units of study this semester:

    1. Basics of economics and economic systems
    2. Microeconomics
    3. Macroeconomics
    4. International economics

    In addition, we will spend some time each week looking at an aspect of consumer economics, such as banking, filing taxes, using credit cards, renting an apartment, buying a car, etc.  We will also discuss current events, especially as they relate to the economy. Given that this is an election year, we will look at the views of the candidates on the economy.



    Your grade will be based on a combination of tests, quizzes, homework, projects, papers and participation.  All assignments have point values; I do not use weighted categories.  Semester grades are cumulative.


    Homework policy

    Please turn in work when it is due.  All late work will be graded with the understanding that you had longer to work on it; therefore, standards will be higher. All homework must be either typed or written neatly in blue or black ink. 


    Restroom and locker policy
    If you need to use the restroom or go to your locker during class, you must ask permission. If you abuse the privilege of leaving the room, you will lose it.

    Arrive to class on time. Regular tardiness will result in a lower grade for the course. If you are absent it is your responsibility to check in with me the day you return to school.  If homework was due the day that you were absent it is due the next school day.  However, major projects must be turned in whether you are in class or not.  Find a friend to bring your work in for you.  It is your responsibility to make arrangements (via email or in person) with me to make up missed work.


    Academic honesty

    I trust you to do your own work.  If you plagiarize an assignment, or copy one from a friend, you will receive a zero.  You will not be given the opportunity to make up the assignment. 


    Required materials

    You may leave your textbook at home. Please bring the following items to class everyday:

    q       Pens and pencils

    q       Binder paper

    q       Small binder to hold handouts

    q       A sense of curiosity and humor!

Last Modified on June 17, 2008