• MEMBERS of the Board of Trustees

    Elected Members 

    Leslie (Lundgren) Harlander, President (2020-2024)
    Cynthia Roenisch (2018-2022)
    Dan Oppenheim (2018-2022)
    Kevin Saavedra (2018-2022)
    Karen Loebbaka, Clerk (2020-2024)


    Student Members (2020-2021)

    Tamalpais               Lily Pashman
    HS 1327                  Anya Bodine-McCoy
    Tamiscal                  Charlie Boyden
    San Andreas           Natasha Stone
    Redwood                 Emily Fee 

     Trustee Assignments for 2021.

    On November 3, 2020, Board member Leslie Harlander was elected for a second term, from December 2020-2024.  Karen Loebbaka, appointed in July 2019, was also elected for the 2020-24 term.