• Students who violate the academic honesty policy will be subject to the following consequences:

    • 1st Incident: A zero grade on submitted work.  Notification of the assistant principal and counselor.  Notification of parent/guardian.  Sign a written contract.

    • 2nd Incident: A zero grade on submitted work.  Conference with the assistant principal, teacher, parent/guardian.     A 2-day school suspension.

    • 3rd Incident: A 3-day school suspension.  Semester failure in the class in which cheating occurs.  Referral to SARB, which may result in a transfer to an alternative school.

    In the case of more serious dishonesty (violation on a semester project, final exam, or standardized test), the student will immediately fail the course.  Academic Honesty policy offenses are cumulative throughout the high school years, including offenses committed during summer school.
Last Modified on July 23, 2008