• 1. Get acquainted with your counselor, your resource person for the next four years.

    2. With your counselor, review your academic plans covering required and college preparatory courses.
    3. Plan an activities schedule that may include participation in one or more of the following: athletics, drama, music, student government, school-related activities (clubs), a job, and community service.

    4. Talk with parents, teachers, and your counselor about your strengths and weaknesses and assess goals related to maximizing strengths and overcoming weaknesses.

    5. Begin to think, talk about, and ask questions about school-to-career options. See Greg Davison in the College and Career Center for more information.

    6. Develop strong work habits and take advantage of and practice the study skills information you receive during the first months of high school. If necessary, obtain tutoring and make use of Tam’s tutorial period.

    7. Begin saving hard copies of your writing assignments for possible inclusion in a portfolio.

    8. Visit Tam’s College and Career Center and learn about the information available there.

    9. Consider becoming involved in community service.  Check for opportunities listed under Support>College and Career Center.

Last Modified on October 5, 2016