• 1. Strengthen your relationship with your counselor and keep informed.

    2. Sign up for difficult courses in the areas in which you excel to help build your academic strengths.

    3. Maintain strong study habits to help achieve your maximum potential.

    4. Begin to study college catalogs, guides, and related reference materials.

    5. Use information on career interest surveys to explore school-to-career options.  See Greg Davison in the College/Career Center for details.

    6. Take the PLAN test in the fall.

    7. Take the Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test (PSAT) for practice.

    8. Take and pass the High School Exit Exam in March.

    9. Successfully complete District Outcomes, if required.

    10. Plan to take the SAT II subject tests, if offered, in a subject you will not take again such as chemistry. The test(s) will be in May and June.

    11. Investigate your eligibility for honors and AP (Advanced Placement) courses in your junior year.

    12. Study diligently for all classes.

    13. If you have not found an extra-curricular activity at Tam, investigate other possibilities that are available to complement your academic growth. Join or start a Tam club.

    14. Continue or consider taking part in community service. 

Last Modified on October 5, 2016