• 1. Before January 1, take SAT I (or ACT) and SAT II for the school(s) to which you apply.

    2. Continue to work diligently on current studies as colleges seem particularly interested in students maintaining rigorous academic discipline in both fall and spring semesters.

    3. Go to the College/Career Center to explore your school-to-career options - sign up for an internship or special program.

    4.  Fill out University of California and State College applications on the internet; send for or download applications on your own.  Complete and submit all applications BEFORE DEADLINE DATES.

    5. Request that your transcript be sent to the colleges to which you are applying.  Provide self-addressed, stamped envelopes.  See the counseling secretary for details.

    6. Obtain needed references and/or letters of recommendation as specified in college and scholarship applications.  Plan to give teachers and counselors 3 weeks advance notice for any needed letters of recommendation.  Make an appointment with your counselor to obtain information for recommendation.  Supply your recommender with addressed and stamped envelopes.

    7. Attend all college information sessions.  Continue to attend college representative meetings on campus.

    8. Apply for financial aid if eligible; consult with your counselor and the College and Career specialist.

    9. Keep a record of what college admissions procedures you have completed; keep your counselor informed as you make or revise your plans.

    10. If qualified, take Advanced Placement exams.

    11. Notify your counselor and College and Career specialist of college acceptances.

    12. In June, request that your final high school transcript be sent to the college you will be attending.  Provide a self-addressed stamped envelope to the Counseling Secretary.

Last Modified on October 5, 2016