• Tam's full drama program consists of a four-year sequence. Students may enter the program during any year of their school career, but all students must begin the sequence by enrolling in Beginning Drama 1-2 regardless of their grade classification. Upon successful completion of Beginning Drama 1-2, sophomores, juniors or seniors may be eligible to move to any level appropriate to their skills with evaluation and permission of the Drama 1-2 instructor.

    Tam's drama courses include:
    • Beginning Drama 1-2 (full year)
    • Intermediate Drama 3-4 (full year)
    • Stagecraft 1-2 (full year)
    • Advanced Drama 5-6 (full year)
    • Advanced Drama 7-8 (full year)
    • Advanced Theatre Production 1-2 (full year)
    • Theater Directing (Advanced Drama) (full year)
    Please visit Academics/CTE for more information on Tam's student-run theater company.