• The Visual Arts at Tam are comprised of four-year sequential programs designed to offer strong, in-depth training that focuses on the disciplines most essential for success in study beyond high school and in art related careers.

    Upon completion of one semester of Art Exploration, students are eligible to take any beginning level course in the visual arts. It is recommended that students enroll in art classes as early as possible so that they will have time to reach advanced levels in one or more areas of study.

    Tam offers the following Visual Arts classes:
    • Art Exploration (one semester)
    • Beginning Ceramics 1 (one semester)
    • Intermediate Ceramics 2/3 (full year)
    • Advanced Ceramics 4/5 (full year)
    • Advanced Ceramics 6/7 (full year)
    • Beginning Drawing and Painting 1 (one semester)
    • Intermediate Drawing and Painting 2/3 (full year)
    • Advanced Drawing and Painting 4/5 (full year)
    • Advanced Drawing and Painting 6/7 (full year)
    • Beginning Photography 1 (one semester)
    • Intermediate Photography 2 (one semester)
    • Advanced Photography 3 (4,5,6) (one semester)
    • Advanced Studio Art (full year)
    • AP Two Dimensional Design (Drawing/Painting option or Photography option)
    • AP Three Dimensional Design (Ceramics)
    • AP Drawing