• “Honor T”

    "Honor T," the longest running club at Tam, was originally founded in the 1920's as the Tam High Honors Society. Students in the club serve and represent the Tam community by providing hours of community service to the areas of need on and off campus. Two requirements must be met in order to qualify for Honor T:

    • An un-weighted GPA of 3.0 (or higher) and
    • Completion of 12 hours of community service each semester (on or off campus volunteer work)
    Lifetime membership is attained when one has been a member for 4 semesters of high school. All lifetime members wear honor cords at graduation.
    Current List of Students
    Tam High proudly acknowledges the following students for their dedication to community service and academic excellence:
    Past Lists of Students
    List of Spring 2010 Honor T Members
    Freshmen Sophomores Juniors   Seniors  
    Casey O-Brien William Choulos James Meyer Alexandra Knauer
    Bryce Killingsworth Emma Sandrolini Talha Ismail Tai-Lan Hirabayashi
    Lauren Killingsworth Veronica Russell Jenna Lea   Stephanie Lee
    Haley Jensen Made Sandrolini Kirk Wong Emily Deng
    Sam Miekley Alexa Swartz Mimi Wyatt Erin Foley  
    August Kiles Cayli Swartz Billy Butler Alba Minniti
    Kyle Wong Billie Mandelbaum Clara Butler Stephanie Howard
    Nicolette Michel   Madeline Elias Brooke Wenig Hannah Berman
        Morrissa Berman   Ciarra D'Onofrio
        Jackson Strike Courtney Utter    
        Jason Kirsten Sara Maroofi    
        Madelaine Matej   Samantha Emory    
            Elianna Cohen    
            Jacob Dorfman    
            Ivy Pannepacker    
            Elena Ricciardi    
    Congratulations to the following students recognized by Honor T in Fall 2009 (for work completed in Spring 2009)


    Casey Khademi

    Courtney Utter

    Lily Goldman

    Avee Arvind

    Charlotte Silverstein

    Christian Jordan

    Samantha Emory

    Hannah Berman

    Talha Ismail

    Stephanie Howard

    Lookman Ismail

    Jason Yanowitz

    Lauren Milosky

    Jenna Lea

    Max Lester

    Gerrard Laban

    Zak Bohegian

    Kirk Wong

    Adam Sultan
    Madelaine Matej
    Students Recognized by Honor T in Spring 2009
    (for work completed in Fall 2008)


    Berman, Adam

    Bronstein, Haley
    Bruno, Nicole

    Denison, Lauren

    Emory, Samantha
    Goldman, Lily

    Hopelain, Melissa

    Howard, Stephanie

    Jordan, Christian

    Lea, Jenna

    Lester, Max

    Lu, Thanh

    Meyer, James

    Meyers, Whitney

    Robertson, Matthew

    Sauer-Istobal, Nalani

    Silverstein, Charlotte

    Thomas, Charlotte

    Tuttle, Jenna
    Utter, Courtney
    Students Recognized by Honor T in Fall 2008 (for work completed in Spring 2008)

    Baker-Lavine, Katya

    Barkovich, Emil

    Bathgate, Cynthia

    Black, Julia

    Bronstein, Haley

    Denison, Lauren

    Evans, Wyn

    Grossman, Leland

    Hopelain, Melissa

    Jordan, Christian

    Kauer, Emily

    Lester, Max

    Lu, Thanh

    Pettigrew, Marley

    Robertson, Matt

    Schlueter, Erin

    Silvertstein, Charlotte

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