• California Scholarship Federation (CSF) 
    What is CSF?
    CSF, California Scholarship Federation, is a statewide organization honoring students who achieve academic excellence.  To qualify for CSF membership, students must achieve a total of 10 points or above from academic classes. Points are awarded:  A = 3, B = 1, C = 0.  A grade of "B" in an honors or AP class is awarded 2 points.  Students must attach a printout of your last semester grades from eSchool.


    CSF awards the Seymour Scholarship each year to especially high achieving students around the state.  Lifetime CSF members must apply by early February to be considered.  Lifetime membership in either club is attained for 4 of the last 6 semesters of high school.  All lifetime members of either club receive wear honor cords at graduation and receive special recognition in the graduation program.
    Current Semester Student Lists
    Tam High proudly acknowledges the following students for receiving recognition from CSF in Spring 2019 for outstanding academic work in Fall 2018: (will be updated in late October/early November 2018)

    CSF Spring 2019 Members List


    Past Semester Student Member Lists:

    CSF Fall 2018 Members List

    Spring 2018 CSF Members List

    Fall 2017 CSF Members List

    Spring 2017 CSF Members List

    Fall 2016 CSF Members List 

    Spring 2016 CSF Members 

    CSF Members Fall 2015

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    Fall 2013 CSF Members

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    Fall 2012 CSF Members

    Spring 2012 CSF Members


    Students receiving recognition from CSF in Fall 2009 for outstanding work in Spring 2009:


    Casey Khademi

    Charlotte Silverstein

    Hannah Berman

    Talha Ismail

    Stephanie Howard

    Lookman Ismail

    Jason Yanowitz

    Christian Jordan

    Samantha Emory

    Claire Siegel

    Lisa Jenkins

    Lauren Milosky

    Avee Arvind

    Jenna Lea

    Lily Goldman

    Max Lester

    Lauren Denison

    Courtney Utter

    Monica Sheridan

    Melissa Uzes

    Carlotta Kirby

    Samuel Hayman
    Students receiving recognition from CSF in Spring 2009 for outstanding work in Fall 2008:


    Baker-Levine, Katya

    Bathgate, Cynthia

    Berman, Adam

    Bond-Bishop, Alex

    Brandon, Carrie

    Bronstein, Haley

    Denison, Lauren

    Dorenbaum, Carlos

    Emory, Samantha

    Emory, Sarah
    Goldman, Lily

    Grossman, Leland

    Hopelain, Melissa

    Howard, Stephanie

    Jenkins, Lisa

    Jordan, Christian

    Khademi, Casey

    Lea, Jenna

    Lester, Max

    Levin, Melissa

    Lu, Thanh

    McDonald, Jackson

    McDonald, Marisa

    Meyer, James

    Meyers, Whitney

    Piotter, Elena

    Robbins, Marissa

    Robertson, Matthew

    Rosenfield, Charlotte

    Scarsella, Edward

    Schuller, Megan

    Schwartz, Sarah

    Silverstein, Charlotte

    Thomas, Charlotte

    Tuttle, Jenna

    Utter, Courtney
    Students receiving recognition from CSF in Fall 2008 for outstanding work in Spring 2008:

    Baker-Lavine, Katya

    Barkovich, Emil

    Bathgate, Cynthia

    Black, Julia

    Bronstein, Haley

    Courtney, Claire

    Denison, Lauren

    Emory, Sarah

    Erteman, Oliver

    Evans, Wyn

    Fritz, Allison

    Grossman, Leland

    Heiges, Jessica

    Hogan, Jack

    Hood, Siena

    Jenkins, Lisa

    Jordan, Christian

    Khademi, Casey

    Knowlton, Dillon

    Lester, Max

    Liu, Elise

    Lu, Thanh

    McCabe, Kyle

    Mercer-Slomoff, Gabrielle

    Murray, Ryan

    Pettigrew, Marley

    Robbins, Marissa

    Robertson, Matt

    Rosenfield, Charlotte

    Ross, Caroline

    Schlueter, Erin

    Schuller, Megan

    Schwartz, Sarah

    Silvertstein, Charlotte

    Villanueva, Ryan
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