• R1 Statistics UNIT 1 “Data” Chapters 1-3

    Tue 8-15-16/2016

    Thur-Fri 8/18-19


    Thur-Fri 8/18-19


    Distribute Statistic books

    Read Ch. 1 pg. 2-6
     Read Chapter 2
    p.16 (3, 4, 5, 7, 12, 15, 20, 24)
     Fibonacci Numbers
    Graphing Calculator Tables and Lists
    Benford's Law 
    see below for pictures, notes, and video
     Read Chapter 2 "Data" p. 9-17

    Mon 8/22

    Tue 8/23

    Wed-Thu 8/24-25


    Fri  8/26

    Fibonacci Numbers

    Graphing Calculator Tables and Lists
    Read Ch. 3 p. 20-24
    Bar, Column and Pie Charts

    Read Chapter 3

    "Displaying Data"
    Contingency Tables
    Bar graphs and pie charts --
    on team rosters' birth months
    (see notes below)
    p. 36 (8, 10-14)


    Simpson's Paradox
    An Inconvenient Truth video
    worksheet "Inconvenient Math Graphs" Inconvenient PDF
    HW1A Due

    Mon 8/29

    Tue-Wed 8/30

    Thu-Fri 8/31-9/1

     Friday 9/2
    An Inconvenient Truth video
    worksheet "Inconvenient Math"

    Finish Reading Ch. 3


    Chapter 3 Terms

    Contingency Tables, Marginal Distributions, ...


    p. 36 (18, 20, 22, 27, 34)      

    Rio Medal Count Table

     Olympic Medal Counts

    p. 37 (21, 23-24, 39, 40)
     QUIZ chapter 3
    HW2 packet due

    Mon 9/6

    Tue-Wed 9/7

    Fri 9/8


    Fri 9/9

     Chapter 4
    Distributions of
     NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL scores
    Stem-and-Leaf Displays
     Dot Plots
    Read Ch4 p. 45-63
    Practice 12.2  ws

    Central Tendency--
    mean, median, mode

    Shape-center, spread, unimodal v. multi-modal, skewed, tails
    Time plots
    p. 65 (5-7, 10, 11, 19-20, 22, 28, 35, 36, 38) 
     Mon Sept 12
     Tuesday 9/13
    Thu-Wed 9/14-15
     Fri 9/16
    Five Number Summaries
    Box and Whisker Plots
    Start Chapter 5

    Five Number Summaries
    Box and Whisker Plots
    Deflate Gate Part II

    Split Stem-and-Leaf NFL pts.
    Read Chapter 5
    Standard Deviation and Variance
     Numb3rs worksheet-B-&-W
    p. 91(3-8, 12-13)

    Standard Deviation worksheet 6-8
    p. 93 (18-22, 27-28, 34)
     Mon Sept 19, 2016 Tuesday 9/20/16 Thursday 9/21-22 Friday 9/23
    Standard Deviation Practice
    "Tomorrow's fractions quiz.  I'll give you the numerators for free but the denominators are gonna cost you." -- Nelson, The Simpsons "Lisa Gets an A"
    "The Old Man and the C Student" ep.
     Quiz Chapters 4-5
    HW Packet Due



    Here is a bar graph of the birth months for students in period 5:

    birth months period 5  
    Are there any anomalies or things out of the ordinary?  Not really.  Nothing statistically significant.
    But consider the all star rosters of these youth sports teams:
    hockey birth months soccer birth months
    More athletes are born in the first months of the year than the later months, and by a huge margin.
    Consider the pie charts to analyze their relative frequencies:
     birth month pie charts
    Starting at the 12:00 o'clock position going clockwise, the larger slices belong to January, February, and March.
    This is statistically significant -- something is going on that affects this distribution.  But what?
    (see Stat Notes link near the bottom for the answer.  HINT:  It's from the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

    stat recursive ratio
    stat recursive tally  
    Stat tallies
     Note the percentages are close to this equation:
    benford's log  
    Why Benford's Law pops up in financial data (like Apple's quarterly reports!)
    Fraud investigation with Benford's Law:
    Check out this website, Testing Benford's Law, for real actual data in action!
    Benford's Law with Recursive Rule data
    Graphing Benford's Law with a Stat Plot.
    Press Y= and enter log(1 + 1/x).  Press WINDOW and change Xmin, Ymin, and Ymax to these settings
    Y = log(1+1/d)   Window settings
    Press GRAPH.  Now press STAT to begin to enter data for plotting points
    Graph Press STAT
    Highlight L1, press CLEAR and ENTER.  Move cursor to just below L1 heading and enter these numbers:
    Clear L1 Enter L1
    CLEAR L2.Then enter L2 data.
    Clear L2 L1 Table Data
    Enter the red numbers from the Benford Law's picture above into L2.
    Enter L2  
    The completed table has these entries:
    Data Table
    Press 2nd, Y=, 4, and ENTER to turn PlotsOff.  Calculator states "DONE".
    PlotsOff4 Plot 1
    Press 2nd, Y=, 1 or ENTER to access Plot1 settings.
    Press GRAPH to see both the equation and the points graphed together.
     Graph Stat Plot Stat Plot only
     Press Y= and CLEAR and GRAPH (or highlight the "=" in Y1= and ENTER to turn Y1 off).
    Simpson's Paradox with 1998 NBA Scoring Title 
    Michael Jordan had 2313 points in 81 games for a 28.6 average.
    Shaquille O'Neal had 1666 points in 59 games for a 28.2 average.
    For Shaq to win the scoring title, does he necessarily have to score more points in his final game?
    Shaq's career high in a game was 61, MJ's was 69.  The all time record is 100 points by Wilt Chamberlain.
    On the final game, Shaq scored 39 points but Jordan had 44.  What were their final averages?  Who won?
    As the new averages are 0.3 apart, but originally they were 0.4, this suggests Shaq can eventually score fewer points than Jordan but still have a higher average.  What amount of points demonstrates this paradox?
    Find what amount of points results in a tie, and the tying average.  
    If they each score 98 points, what are their averages and who wins the title?
    If they each score 99 points, who wins the title with what average?
    Chapter 2 Vocabulary
    Notes on January 28, 2014.  "Magnetism" worksheet:
     making list L3linearized plot
    Linearizing Magnetism Data (milliTeslas)
    Press STAT ENTER to input L1 and L2 data.  Press 2nd Y=  and enter the following settings:
    L1 L2 Data L1 L2 Table Plot 1 L1 L2 Plot 1 L1 L2
    Press 1   ÷  2nd 1 MATH 3 (or ^ 3) STO 2nd 3 to store 1/L1^3 into list L3.
    Making List L3 L1L2L3 data L1L2L3 Data Table L3 Data
    Press 2nd Y= and change Xlist to L2 and Ylist to L3.  Press ZOOM  9.  Press WINDOW.   v
    Plot L2 L3 Plot L2 L3 Window L2 L3 Slope k
    Press TRACE to select a coordinate.  To divide L3/L2 press 2nd 3  ÷  2nd 2.  Store into L6 to see all answers.
    Slopes list Slope List L6 slope equation y = 39494x with L2 L3  
    Change Plot 1 back to original settings below.  Enter new equation into Y1.  Press ZoomStat again.
    Plot1 settings for L1 L2 inverse cube fit inverse cube fit EQ  A is 1 over k
    A as a decimal   If k = 39494, then A = 1/k = 1/39494 = 0.00002532030182.  So y = 0.00002532 x^3.
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