Admissions:  New student enrollment is done at the school of residence.


    Immunizations Required for School Entry: Grades K-12

    To enter or transfer into public and private elementary and secondary schools (grades kindergarten through 12), children under age 18 years must have the immunizations outlined in this document.  Students whose immunizations are incomplete will not be allowed to register and begin school until immunization requirements have been met.  For students who have had the chickenpox and thus did not receive two doses of varicella, please submit a medical exemption from a doctor.


    If your child's immunization record is in another language, please have the record translated to English. 


    Please contact our Health Specialist, Jessica Alegria, at (415) 945-3638 or jalegria@tamdistrict.org for additional questions about immunizations.  



    PLEASE NOTE: Any student athlete who transfers between high schools MAY lose the privilege of playing varsity sports for up to one year.
    — SEE Athletics for more information


    The Tam District Open Enrollment Transfer policy offers 8th-11th grade students, who reside in the Tamalpais Union High School District, the opportunity to select their school of attendance. 
    — For more information, please read the open enrollment policy.  Please click here.


    Please read the policy for transfer requests into or out of the Tam district.  Start at your school of residence for transfer forms.
    — MORE about Interdistrict Transfers
    — If you have additional questions regarding interdistrict transfer policy, please email moleary@tamdistrict.org or call 415-945-1020.



    Other things to know:


    NEW STUDENTS - Enrollment for new students to the Tam District is done at the school of residence.  Please see instructions on the Tam, Drake, or Redwood websites under "New Student Enrollment."


    OPEN ENROLLMENT applies to students living in the Tam  district who want to attend a school other than their school of residence. The final deadline for open enrollment transfer requests is June 30.

    INTERDISTRICT TRANSFERS are accepted between December 1 and December 31. (For students who live outside of the TUHSD.)
    Click here for a list of cities included in the Tamalpais Union High School District.