The Board of Trustees has made a number of important changes to the District's interdistrict transfer policy. It is strongly suggested that you read the policy if you do not reside within the Tam District’s boundaries but have or hope to have children attending school in the Tam District. The policy states, in part, that:

    • Currently enrolled students who move out of the Tam District must file for an Interdistrict transfer one month after moving.  Forms are available at your District of residence.
    • Students who have applied for an interdistrict transfer and are accepted into one of the Tamalpais Union High School District elementary feeder schools in grades K-8, are not guaranteed admission to attend high school in the Tamalpais Union High School District.
    • Students who are admitted into elementary districts on interdistrict transfers for parent employment or child care needs will not be provided an interdistrict transfer into the Tamalpais Union High School District.
    • To file a request for Interdistrict transfer into the District, the student's parent/guardian must first obtain approval from the student's current district of residence.  The appropriate form should be obtained from the student's district of residence. 

    • Responses to requests for Interdistrict transfer will be given within 30 days of receiving the request at the TUHSD Office of Superintendent.
    • The Superintendent may deny a request for Interdistrict transfer due to overcrowding.
    • The Superintendent may approve a request for Interdistrict transfer based on the reasons listed in BP/AR 5117.  The District is not bound to approve transfers for reasons listed in BP/AR 5117 when there is overcrowding.
    • To request a transfer OUT of the Tam District, please fill out a form and return it to Mary O'Leary.

    If you have additional questions regarding the Tam District interdistrict transfer policy, please call Mary O'Leary, Executive Assistant, at (415) 945-1020 or email moleary@tamdistrict.org.



    Interdistrict Transfer Forms

    Forms are available at your District of Residence.  Please check with the school district where you live.

    If you live in Marin County, please use this form.

    Spanish version of the Marin County form.


    If you have questions about the Tamalpais District, our schools, or the district’s transfer policies, please contact:
      Office of the Superintendent of Schools

      Mary O'Leary, Executive Assistant
      Ph: (415) 945-1020
      Email: moleary@tamdistrict.org

    – SEE BP 5117 (Interdistrict Attendance) on Gamut Online
    – SEE AR 5117 (Interdistrict Attendance) on Gamut Online