• Ms. Pelletier

    Español 3/4

    THS 2019-20

    ¡Bienvenidos al nivel 3/4!


                This second-year course in Spanish is designed to help you become familiar and comfortable with the continuation of a method called TPRS (Total Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling).  Much of our class time will be centered around reading, listening and, especially, creating and telling stories.  Your energy and participation is strongly encouraged. 


    Classroom expectations

    1. Be kind, be safe, be ready to learn.
    2. Come to class prepared- binder, writing instrument, paper, texts and anything else that is required for you to participate in class each day.
    3. No gum, food or drink other than bottled water is allowed.
    4. Absolutely no hats or hoods worn indoors.
    5. Cell phones will be placed in a secure location indicated by the teacher at the start of class. Students can check phones during the break or when previously arranged with teacher. Devices will be returned to students after all class work is completed and checked by teacher at the end of class. This policy is in place to increase your engagement and participation in class and with peers.
    6. Please refer to the school handbook for any additional school rules concerning behavior and academic integrity.
    7. Most importantly, no bad attitudes- learning a language is fun but can also be challenging. So, please be respectful and supportive of your peers.



                Expect that homework will be assigned often.  It will be checked for completeness at the start of class and, if written, collected upon correction every day.  Copying homework is not allowed and will be to your disadvantage come tests and quizzes.


    Tardies and Absences

    Missed assignments are your responsibility.  Homework is posted online at the end of each class.  Uncompleted assignments on the due date will result in loss of credit- I do not accept late work. Assignment grades/credits are updated daily.


    If you fail to turn in assignments due to any excused school- or home-related activities/issues, please be sure to notify me beforehand. Unexcused absences or lack of notification on your part regarding assignment completion will result in loss of credit. Check online assignments even when you are absent to keep track of class progress. Ongoing projects and reports, however, will still be expected on the date due- no exceptions. 


    If you miss a test or a quiz due to an excused absence, you will be able to make it up after making arrangements with me.  However, it is not my responsibility to remind you about make-ups.  Please check your assignments and updated eschool status regularly to see if you’re missing a quiz or major project grade.  Please schedule your make-ups during Tutorial.


    You are tardy if you are not in your seat at the start of class.  If you miss the homework check, you will not receive credit.  Tardies are an inconvenience and any attention taken away from the class to address them is unfair to the rest of the students.  If you have an excused tardy (written consent), please see me after class or at an appropriate time during class to address concerns about what you may have missed that period.



                Your semester grades will be calculated according to the following ranges:

                Homework                                      (15-20%)

                Tests/Quizzes                                  (35%)

                Participation/Preparation                  (25-30%)

                Semester Exam                               (10-15%)



    Contact Info:

                My e-mail is npelletier@tamdistrict.org

                My school phone number is 388-3292 ext. 5030

                Please note that e-mail is the primary means to get my attention if you or your parents choose to communicate with me outside of school hours.  However, I encourage all students to approach me in person to discuss anything of concern.  I am available and willing to meet with students during Tutorial and after school (if after school, please make arrangements with me beforehand).