Do you love Jazz?  Then this is the class for you! Tam's Jazz band is open to all Wind, Percussion, Guitar, Bass and Piano players. You will audition for the "A" or "B" band. We perform at manydifferent venues, from Starbucks coffee house, to the Santa Cruz Jazz Festival. The band has also entertained the fans at AT&T park!
    Jazz Band is a "0" period class which means we meet before school at 7:30am two days a week and after school on Mondays, twice a month. To be enrolled in Jazz Band you must also enroll in either Concert (Intermediate) or Symphonic (Advanced) Band. This class meets the CSU/UC and High SchoolFine Arts requirement and may be repeated for credit.
    To prepare for this class, you shouldpractice and memorize your blues scales and work on your sight reading!
    Jazz is worth getting up early for! This classwill be the highlight of your school day!