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    Students can check my Job Board here.

    To look for a job all students need to:
    • Obtain a Social Security card if possible
    • Obtain a work permit from the College/Career Center (if under age18)
    • Write a resume. There are several programs available online or on Naviance.
    • Network with other students and adults in the community to learn about potential job openings.
    • Occasionally the College/Career Center will have information about job openings (as well as volunteer opportunities).

    If students are enrolled in the Tamiscal WEEP program, work experience that allows students to earn high school credit, the work hours are extended. These students may work a maximum of eight hours on a school day but may not work after 10 P.M. 

    Students can check my Job Board here.

    The best results for a part-time job in Marin can be found on CraigsList or Indeed