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    Students can check my Job Board here.

    To look for a job all students need to:
    • Obtain a Social Security card if possible
    • Obtain a work permit from the College/Career Center (if under age18)
    • Write a resume. There are several programs available online or on Naviance.
    • Network with other students and adults in the community to learn about potential job openings.
    • Occasionally the College/Career Center will have information about job openings (as well as volunteer opportunities).

    If students are enrolled in the Tamiscal WEEP program, a work experience program that allows students to earn high school credit, the work hours are extended. These students may work a maximum of eight hours on a school day but may not work after 10 P.M. 

    Students can check my Job Board here.

    Part-time jobs in Marin can also be found on CraigsList or Indeed