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    Community College is a great choice if you want to:

    - Get an excellent value: high quality/low cost!
    - Transfer to a college or university.
    - Learn job skills to enter the job market.
    - Explore various subject areas while you’re deciding on a major or career field.

    You may attend any of the 114 California Community colleges. If you have a high school diploma, you are admitted regardless of your age, prior course work or grades.

    If you do not have a high school diploma, you are admitted if:
    a) You are 18 years of age or older OR
    b) You have successfully passed the CHSPE OR
    c) You have successfully passed the GED

    To help guarantee a solid start at community college, students should start the process in the spring of their senior year.  Apply online to the community college you plan on attending. Take the English and math placement tests prior to the date you may first enroll. Schedule an appointment with a counselor and take a copy of your final transcript to your appointment. Do all of this BEFORE your priority registration date.

    If you are currently attending high school and would like to take classes at a community college for enrichment, to make up credit, or to add classes to your transcript, you may attend with written permission from your parent and high school. As long as you are a high school student these classes are free. You may pick up an enrollment card in the College/ Career Center.

    Community colleges offer a full range of lower-division general education courses for university-bound students. At a community college, counselors can help you plan your program to make sure that your courses are transferable. Many community colleges offer written transfer guarantees to specific colleges and have priority admission to UC. With careful planning, students can enter a university at the junior (third year) level.

    Career and technical programs provide students with entry-level and advanced job skills that can lead to well-paying jobs. Programs range in length from one semester to two years. Students who successfully complete these programs earn a Certificate of Achievement and may apply their credits to an associate (2 year) degree.

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