Athlete Attendance & Health Screen

  • 2021-2022 Tryout Dates

    Aug. 9, 2021
    Cheerleading JV, V
    Boys Cross Country V
    Girls Cross Country V
    Field Hockey V
    Football F/S, V
    Girls Golf V
    Girls Tennis V
    Girls Volleyball F, JV, V
    Boys Water Polo JV, V
    Girls Water Polo JV, V
    Nov. 1, 2021
    Cheerleading JV, V
    Boys Basketball F, JV, V
    Girls Basketball F, JV, V
    Boys Soccer JV, V
    Girls Soccer JV, V
    Wrestling V
    Feb 7, 2022
    Baseball F, JV, V
    Boys Diving V
    Girls Diving V
    Boys Golf V
    Boys Lacrosse JV, V
    Girls Lacrosse JV, V
    Softball JV, V
    Boys Swimming V
    Girls Swimming V
    Boys Tennis
    Boys Track & Field V
    Girls Track & Field V
    Boys Volleyball V

Athlete Registration 2021-22

  • This is a new registration system, and applies to
    sports during the 2021-22 school year.

    • Flyer/Checklist

    English | Spanish

    • Directions

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COVID-19 Update

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    Review the checklist for all students planning to participate in our interscholastic athletic program. This checklist is particularly important for incoming 9th graders. English | Spanish

    Before attending the first try-out and/or practice every athlete, including incoming ninth graders, MUST:

    1. Have a physical examination by his/her family doctor. 

    2. Have at least a 2.0 GPA and must have passed at least four classes (20 credits) in the grading period prior to the season of sport to be academically eligible to participate.  The athlete must maintain this status throughout the season.

    3. Athlete Registration is required. Registration is submitted online. Click HERE for a complete explanation, and link to the online registration process.
    You will also have access to The Parent-Student Guide to Athletics.

    Try-out schedules will be posted on the this site.
      Follow the Sports Schedule by Team HERE.

    Jessica Peisch, Athletic Director
    Room 105
    office 415-945-3619
    fax 415-945-3640

    Lucy Armstrong, AD Clerk
    office 415-945-3635
    fax 415-945-3640

    Saum Zargar, Assistant Principal
    Athletics Administrator