• Co:Writer Support

    How do I launch Co:Writer on an equipped computer?

    1) Open the file you wish to use Co: Writer with.

    2) Launch Co: Writer by clicking the icon on the desktop or by selecting START>Programs>CoWriter6.  The Co:Writer window will appear. Then launch whatever program you want to work in. The Co:Writer window will stay on top of the screen (until you want to minimize it or close it).

    3) Students can minimize the Co:Writer window while they are typing if they choose. Then they can maximize it when they need support. Or they can keep the window open continuously. More advanced users will probably choose to minimize it.

    4)  By clicking the >> button, students get a menu of options.  These are mostly self-explanatory, including options to adjust the speech function (ex: to turn off the speech function). 

    5)  By clicking the arrow button at the bottom right corner, Co:Writer window flips and more options are displayed.  This is where students set their preferences, including adjusting word banks, vocabulary (add frequently used personal words), and visual settings for Co:Writer window. Under the settings tab is where students can change the selected voice. My preference in Co:Writer is VW Paul. They can also change the text and background color in the Co:Writer window.

    What programs is Co: Writer compatible with?

    Microsoft Word,  PowerPoint,  Excel

    Email systems – Outlook,  Gmail, most others

    This page includes videos that show you how to:

    -use Co:Writer to spell a word

    -use Co:Writer to predict next word

    -display word back

    -activate topic dictionary

    -find a topic dictionary you just created

    -add words to your personal dictionary

    -change the main dictionary

    -save settings and activate a user

    -use the refresh button

    Show me how videos - Advanced
    This page includes videos that show you how to:

    -change rate of speech

    -text and colors

    -repeat a sentence

    -type numbers

    -turn off predict ahead during testing

    -use abbreviation expansion

    -use Co:Writer talk window

    -use Co:Writer 6 with Dragon Naturally Speaking