• SMARTboard Support

    Please make sure that you have completed the 2-3 hour training with Donald Duterte (dduterte@ccsprojects.com, 510-909-8216). If your site hasn't scheduled your training session yet, Robin Shorett can help you schedule that with Donald. If you have attended this session, Donald is a great contact for any questions you may have beyond the tips listed below. Remember, you can refer to the booklet you received at training for some reminders.

    Quick tips:

    1) Watch out for long sleeves and jewelry when using the board. These items might make additional marks that you do not intend.

    2) If you want to use your finger as the mouse, make sure the pen is in the pen tray.

    3) If you lose a pen, no big deal, just put a similar sized object in the pen tray.

    4) To erase something you have noted on the screen, use the back of your hand to erase (fastest way).

    5) Each touch is a left mouse click. To get options like you would from a right mouse click, touch and hold for a second. Those options will then appear.

    6) If the computer doesn't seem to be recognizing where you touch accurately, reorient (like you had to do when you first used the board). Click the orient button (diamond with cross hairs near power button) and run through the exercises on screen again.

    7) On page 41 of your booklet, there are many resources listed to review what you learned in the training.

    8) When you want to work with old files you have created (before you have created or converted over to the SMARTboard software), Excel and Word and PowerPoint are compatible ("ink aware"). See page 11 in your booklet for more information. To send one of these files to a student (i.e. after an absence), click file, export, PDF. Once it's saved as a PDF, you can attach it to an email or save into another folder.


    Projector portion - When the system is cold (VERY IMPORTANT), occasionally spray canned air through the vents. Vacuum or wipe from the other side.

    Screen - It is suggested that you consider not using white board markers on the screen. The residue will build up over time and will affect the quality of the image. You can use regular white board spray or glass cleaner to class the screen. Tip- spray the cloth, then wipe the screen.

    SMARTboard Basic Care Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whmfvpQ-vyY 

    Notebook Lesson Planning:

    http://exchange.smarttech.com/ - preexisting lessons, searchable by content standard

    http://smarterclassrooms.com/ - also includes free training videos


    YouTube Videos for SMARTboard help:

    -5 Tips & Tricks for using the SMARTboard 5 tips for using SMARTboard Notebook software (including review of the Magic Pen)

    -Using BrainPop with SMARTBoard  (specifically how to ask questions when watching a BrainPop video on the SMART Board)

    Many more videos can be found on YouTube by searching SMARTboard and the more specific topic you want to learn about.