• Digital Audio Book Support


    If you have an IEP student that needs the audio book version of a novel, please follow the steps below:

    1) Contact the teacher leader at your site. Tell that teacher which novel you need loaded onto a device. Also, indicate which student you are checking it out for. They will prepare the device for you as soon as their schedule allows. If the novel needs to be purchased, this teacher will contact Robin Shorett to assist with this step.

    2) In the meantime, download the parental release form (available below) and either email it to the student's parents to have the student take it home for signature.

    3) When your co-worker has the device ready for you, he/she will contact you. Have the signed parental release form ready to give them when you pick up the device.

    4) When you check the device out to your student, please have a serious discussion with them about being careful with the device. Their parents will be responsible for lost or stolen items. The student needs to return the device at least as soon as his/her class completes the unit. Return the device immediately to the teacher who checked it out to you.

    5) **DEVICE SECURITY: We are very fortunate to have access to this expensive equipment. We may not be able to replace devices that are lost or stolen. Please take every precaution possible to ensure that these devices are returned safely. If a student has a device checked out for long periods of time, hopefully you can make visual contact with the device once/week. Also, if a student doesn't need to take the device home, consider offering to keep it secured in the classroom for the student's use in class.



    Parental Release Form