• Plato Support


    To Log in:


    Account name: TUHSD

    Contact Maryanne Dahl or Robin Shorett if you have forgotten your username and password.


    When you initially log in, you will need to make sure you have a class set up. In order to do this:

    1) Click "Create a class" on the left side of your screen

    2) Fill out the fields to describe your class.

    3) Add learners.

                    If you think any of your students have used PLATO within TUHSD before (with you last year, in summer school, etc), click "Add existing learners." In the following box, select the class you think the student was previously enrolled in. Once you find your existing students, click the checkbox and select "add users to class."

                    If you think any of your students have not used PLATO within TUHSD before, click "create new learners." Fill out the fields for all of the new learners you want to register. Then click "done." **You might want to consider creating a fake student for yourself, so you can log in as a student and see what your students see. Also, you can assign content to just yourself first to test whether it is really what you want to assign your students.

    4) Once you have a class set up, you can enter that class and create assignments for your class. Look for "create assignment" button.  Insert a title, directions for the assignment, and select users (you can pick your entire class or just some of the students within your class). Below the learners, you need to select the content you want to assign.

    5) Exploring content: The PLATO content is the area you should be exploring. It is organized by course. Look for a course that most matches what you are looking for. You can select the entire course (that's a lot), or you can expand the tab and select just units or portions of units. Any portion that has a link, you can view from this setting. Unfortunately, these portions are mostly just tests.

    6) Set assignment policies, set assignment and due dates, and click done.

    7) When you are ready for your students to start working, give them their username and password to log on. You may consider using your SMARTboard or overhead projector to log in as a student while your students watch and become familiar with the system.

    8) To view how long your students have spent in PLATO, click on classes. Select the class you are wondering about. Your students will be listed and their usage details will be shown.

    The above steps are just to get your students started. There are more advanced monitoring features to be learned as well.

    Other PLATO helpful tips can be found by clicking "help" and "support" at the top right of your screen when logged in as an instructor.

    Please call/email Robin Shorett (x1060, rshorett@tamdistrict.org) or Maryanne Dahl (x1080?, mdahl@tamdistrict.org) if you need assistance beyond this information.