• Hello Redwood Players and Parents!

          We are very excited for the upcoming 2019-2020 season and have great opportunities to get a head start before tryouts begin on November 4, 2019! The schedule below is what the girls program will be offering to ALL athletes this summer who are interested in trying out for basketball next season.

              Just like last summer we will only be holding one JV summer league team. All incoming Freshman, returning Freshman and JV players are welcome to play on the team. This summer team placement does not guarantee a spot on any particular team next season, but it is strongly encouraged that all returning and new athletes participate in our summer program. This program is designed to enhance and elevate your fundamentals and strength and conditioning coming into next season.

    This schedule will start June 17th and end July 25th

    Monday: 6-8m at Redwood Main Gym (OPEN TO ALL RETURNING AND INCOMING ATHLETES!!!)

    Tuesday: JV Summer League (games at OLD Hamilton Gym) *begins June 17th, ends July 18th.

    Wednesday: 6-8pm at Redwood Main Gym (OPEN TO ALL RETURNING AND INCOMING ATHLETES!!!

    Thursday: Freshman/JV Summer League (games at NEW Hamilton Gym) *begins June 17th, ends July 12th

    Please contact me directly at dpeterson@tamdistrict.org if interested in more information or securing a spot on our summer league roster. Looking forward to a great summer and successful 2019-2020 season!

    GO GIANTS!!!


    Coach Diane Peterson

    Head Varsity Coach