• Twenty Things Every Drake Freshman Should Know

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    ·        Get involved in anything you’re even slightly interested in (drama, music, clubs, sports or something)

    ·        Ask questions

    ·        Talk to your counselor A LOT, they will be very helpful

    ·        Your planner:  use it, don't lose it

    ·        Don't procrastinate; your homework IS important

    ·        If you’re  looking for an extension, don't ask the day the assignment is due

    ·        Late homework is a lot better than no homework at all

    ·        Email your teachers whenever you have a question

    ·        Be outgoing; there are no "cool jackets" at Drake

    ·         Remember to enjoy high school, it goes by quickly!

    ·         There is no Big Theater

    ·         Devonshire has no air conditioning - prepare for the heat

    ·         Best bathrooms are in Devonshire and the canteen

    ·         Get your tutorial pass at break or before, NOT during advisory

    ·         Always bring advisory food when it's your turn

    ·         There's nothing wrong with asking another student for directions to a classroom - everyone is confused early on

    ·         Staff are a lot cooler than they look; make friends with them and earn their respect. Pat, Rich and Lena are hella chill.

    ·         Don't do anything illegal during school hours or at school events; there are serious consequences

    ·         Get on Millie's good side, it's worth it!

    ·         Always show your Pirate Pride!

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