Transcript requests for current students go through Jenny Poster in the
    counseling office, Room 219 jposter@tamdistrict.org.
    Graduates transcript requests go through Mimi Bennett in the main office, mbennett@tamdistrict.org or 415-458-3478.  
    For either process you must:  provide your full name (as it was when you attended (Drake), Archie Williams),
    your graduation year and your date of birth OR your student ID number and graduation year. 
    2024 Senior Transcript Instructions


    Archie Williams High School has partnered with Parchment for students to order and send official transcripts after the Semester 1 and Semester 2 grades are finalized if needed. This is only for our class of 2024 Seniors. Before you set up a Parchment account, and begin requesting transcripts services, please determine if this service is necessary for your college application process by reading below. Please DO NOT make an account on your own. It will not be affiliated with TUHSD and you will have to pay for your transcripts to be sent!


    For Application Purposes

    Common Application Schools
    :   Add your counselor as your recommender to your CommonApp. Your transcript will be electronically uploaded by your counselor to the Common App portal.  Mid-Year Transcript (semester 1) - will automatically be submitted to the Common App by your counselor in mid to late January when the official transcript has been updated with fall courses and grades.  You do NOT need to request a transcript during the Common App process once you have invited your Counselor.


    Non-Common App Schools:

    CSU and UC campuses do not require transcripts during the application process. Applicants self-report their academic history. Transcripts for UC/CSU’s are only sent to the college once you have accepted an offer of admission and graduated from high school.

     However, in special circumstances, Non-Common App schools may ask for a Mid-year Transcript. If so, Parchment can be used to send Mid-Year Transcripts (semester 1). Please note that Mid-Year Transcripts are ready in mid to late January when the official transcript has been updated with fall courses and grades.  If a transcript is needed prior to Mid-year (before Semester 1 grades are finalized), please contact your counselor for support.

    If the college requires an official transcript through US mail please email jposter@tamdistrict.org with the following information:

      • Student Name
      • Name of college/university
      • Address of college/university - provide a complete mailing address
      • Student ID for specific college if applicable


    After Acceptance: Final Transcript Submission

    UC and CSU campuses do not require a transcript to be sent during the application process, but FINAL year transcripts (showing your graduating date and final grades) need to be submitted and can be ordered through Parchment prior to graduation. These will be electronically sent once final transcripts are completed in mid-June.

    For All Other Universities: Final transcripts for enrollment will be sent in June of 2024 and should be requested through Parchment unless the university requires a paper copy.

    Please click on this: Parchment Transcript Order link to order transcripts. This link will open a new browser.


    * If you took a COM class for college credit, you must contact COM yourself to have that transcript sent to your college.


    * If your counselor is writing you a letter of recommendation (including the Common App), then they will automatically send your

             transcript with the letter.


    * Most out of-state schools need a transcript as part of the application process. Please check admission requirements for each of your



    * UC applications do not want transcripts with applications.


    * CSU's vary. Please check each school’s admission requirements.


    Archie Williams High School Parchment Link

Last Modified on November 7, 2023