• COACHES’ CORNER: Procedures


    Arranging your schedule: 

    1. Complete your non-league scheduling as far in advance of your season as possible. 
    2. Make sure to get a copy of your league schedule from the athletic department prior to any schedule planning. 
    3. To fill in any missing pre-season games, check the NCS website, www.cifncs.org, under “Games Wanted” on the navigation panel on the left. 
    4. Once done, submit your FULL season schedule in final form to the athletic department. Please have it typed and include the name(s) and contact phone numbers of the head coach(es) so it can be copied and distributed. Make sure to confirm all non-league competition dates prior to schedule submission. 
    5. Minimize the need for early release from class when scheduling. Nothing can be scheduled during finals week. No early release is allowed the week prior to finals. Check the calendar. 
    6. Any overnight or out-of-state travel requires that arrangements be made at least 60 days in advance with the school and district administration. Such events require approval by the Board of Trustees. 
    7. The athletic department budget will not pay for event entry fees or busses other than NCS Championship competition. 
    8. Teacher-coaches must minimize the need to hire substitutes to cover class periods due to non-league competition. DO NOT make schedules that require teacher-coaches to leave school early for non-league events. 
    9. Changes in scheduled competition may only be made by athletic directors, not coaches. When any changes have been made be sure that the official’s association, the coach of the opposing team and the attendance clerk have been notified. 

     Early Release of Student-Athletes for Scheduled Competitions: 

    1. All early release requests must be submitted to the athletic department prior to the start of the season. This listing for your team must include an early release when needed for every scheduled competition during your entire season. 
    2. Note that student-athletes cannot leave classes without authorized early release. Doing so can lead to suspension from school. 
    3. If your athletes need access to locker rooms prior to departure to competition sites, it is your responsibility to arrange for and supervise that access. If you cannot be available in person, try to make arrangements with staff assistants in advance. Do not ask PE teachers with class responsibilities to provide locker room coverage. 
    4. NOTE: No student-athlete can be in a locker room unless authorized adult supervision is present in the room. Do not leave locker rooms open. Do not allow student-athletes access to locker rooms without supervision. 

    Arranging Substitutes for Full-Time Faculty Coaches: 

    1. If you are a full-time faculty coach, you are requested to arrange for another faculty member to cover any classes you need to miss as a personal favor that you can later return. 
    2. If you cannot make that type of arrangement, you must limit non-league scheduling to times that are well after normal school hours so that hiring substitutes to cover your classes is not necessary. The athletic department budget is burdened by covering the cost of subs for league competition so it is necessary to eliminate all non-league scheduling that generates substitute expenses. 
    3. All requests for substitutes must be processed through the Athletic Director as well as the Principal’s Secretary.