• COACHES’ CORNER: Procedures

    Steps to Start the Season



    1. Athletic Participation Clearance Forms: You MUST have a SIGNED copy in hand BEFORE an athlete can participate in your team in ANY WAY. Get copies of those already on file from the athletic director. Any that are turned in to you just immediately be submitted to the athletic department and copied for you. 
      — GET Athletic Participation Clearance Form (pdf)
    2. GPA Verification Form: All athletes must be academically eligible to play on any team. Use the Team Roster Form to get a complete list of athletes to the athletic department immediately. You may type into the form and email it to the AD. Please report any changes in the roster as soon as new players arrive or existing ones drop out. Students who are not academically eligible must be removed from athletic participation right away or games could be forfeited. 
      — GET Team Roster Form (.docx)
    3. Transfer Eligibility: Coaches are responsible for informing the AD if you even suspect that an athlete has transferred schools. If you have a player on your team that you don’t know (except for freshmen), assume they may have transferred and let the AD know. It is better to check with the AD than to forfeit games later in the season. 
    4. Uniform and Equipment Inventory: You will be asked to provide a pre-season inventory of all uniforms and equipment related to your sport. Be accurate when you issue uniforms and equipment to players. At the end of the season, you will need to do a post-season inventory and report any uniforms or equipment that have not been returned so that athletes may be billed for the losses. 
      — GET Team Inventory Form (.docx)